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Celebrities Attend Torata Nanbu’s Funeral with No Mourning Attire Rule

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The most eye-catching with a rainbow afro was the wife of the deceased, Yuki. Standing between them, the man in a suit is the former boxing world champion, Shinsuke Yamanaka.

“The crisis of artificial dialysis was overcome by transplanting his wife’s kidney, and when he developed heart failure due to worsening diabetes, he survived through a heart bypass surgery. However, this time, he happened to collapse while his wife was working part-time. Although his wife was deeply saddened by the situation, being a devoted fan of Nanbu, she switched her mindset to send him off cheerfully, preparing for a Festival Funeral.” (According to a acquaintance of Mr. Nanbu)

On January 20, the wake and funeral of Mr. Torata Nanbu, the leader of “Dengeki Network,” who passed away suddenly due to a stroke at the age of 72, were held following the wishes of his wife, Yuki, with a rule that mourning attire was strictly prohibited.


At the wake on January 28, the members of the Dengeki Network appeared in red overalls. Other attendees, including celebrities, comedians, and YouTube stars, wore flashy costumes, stuffed animals, and cosplay outfits.

Diamond Yukai (61) attended wearing a flashy salmon-pink hat and jacket. He expressed, “I came wearing the best outfit to meet Mr. Nanbu. We were in contact until two days before his passing.”


Hideo Higashikokubaru (66) shared this memory.

“We had a meal together on December 28th last year. Now that I think about it, maybe it was his way of bidding farewell.”

After offering incense, he took a selfie in front of a sign that read “Nanbu Torata’s Wake and Farewell Ceremony,” expressing his sorrowful farewell.

Hideo Higashikokubaru (wake)

Masashi Tashiro (67), while being tangled up in a private arrest-style YouTube video, said, “No matter how many times I stumbled, Nanbu always invited me to his events. It is a great pity that he passed away without being able to fulfill that debt of gratitude,” he said in memory of the deceased.

Masashi Tashiro

Since mourning clothes were also prohibited at the farewell ceremony on the following day, the 29th, the members of Dengeki were still dressed in their stage costumes of red pupils. The other attendees were also dressed as they wished.

Hidekazu Akai, 64, attended with his wife. He was mysterious and did not smile throughout the event, and broke down in tears when he came face to face with the deceased in the coffin.

Hidekazu Akai and his wife

Udo Suzuki (54) was also dressed in a flamboyant pink scajan, but he did not smile as usual and was saddened as he avoided the media.

Udo Suzuki

At 11:12 AM, the coffin was taken out for the burial. The coffin contained stage costumes, coveralls, and beloved sunglasses. Members of the Dengeki Network carried the coffin, shouting “Oi! Oi!” in sync with the theme music and bidding a farewell with crackers.

Gyuzo (59), a member of Dengeki Network, mentioned in his greeting, “The seemingly invincible Nanbu-chan passing away in just one day.” According to reports, Nanbu was actively involved in organizing a farewell party for the old acquaintance Esper Ito and had business meetings until shortly before collapsing.

His extensive network of connections surprised the staff at the talent agency. Contact was made by renowned artists and models who seemed to have no apparent connection, and they all expressed their gratitude, saying, “We were really taken care of by Nanbuin difficult times.”

As you can see, the celebrities who showed up at the wake and farewell ceremony were a wide variety of people.

There were many other celebrities who attended to send off Mr. Nanbu in good spirits. Let’s introduce them along with their fashion on the next page.

Samplaza Nakano-kun
Hidekazu Nagai, Nishi-Tokyo City Council Member
LaSalle Ishii
Kozue Akimoto (right) and Kazuto Matsumoto
Senior Rat (left) and Kunihiro Matsumura
Hitoshi Josaki
Hiroshi Neko
Mrs. Devi
Mr. Nabeyakan
Mr. Daisuke Naito

The farewell party for Esper Ito, who was actively involved in its preparation before his passing, is scheduled to be held jointly with the farewell party for Mr. Nanbu on March 23rd.

Mr. Nambu, please rest in peace.

  • Photo by Yuri Adachi

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