The “unexpected true face” and “date with a beautiful woman” that this magazine was looking at… Until Kento Nagayama fell into the “darkness of marijuana | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The “unexpected true face” and “date with a beautiful woman” that this magazine was looking at… Until Kento Nagayama fell into the “darkness of marijuana

The "bad reputation" that was spreading in the entertainment world, and what Eita thinks about it...

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In December ’14, the suspect Nagayama comes out of the room of Kanna Mori (left), with whom he was dating at the time. This magazine reported their semi-cohabitation the following January ’15.

Why did Nagayama appear in an NHK historical drama next year and in a hot movie on the eve of his breakthrough?

The beginning of the story was a tip-off to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department in January. Since then, the police had been investigating the case for five months. The informant is believed to be a female acquaintance who had been frequenting Nagayama’s house in the past. We cannot deny the possibility that there was some kind of trouble.

In the early morning of June 16, actor Kento Nagayama, 34, was arrested by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department on suspicion of violating the Marijuana Control Law (possession).

He entered the entertainment industry in 2007 after being shocked by the movie “Blue Spring” in which his brother Eita Nagayama (40) appeared. In 2007, she appeared in the NHK historical drama “Idaten,” and was just beginning to be recognized for her talent when she was suddenly arrested.

A reporter in charge of entertainment at a sports newspaper said, “He is a good-looking man.

He is a good-looking man who is very attentive to women, so in his private life he was very popular with them. He had affairs with actresses such as Kanna Mori (35) and Hikari Mitsushima (37). Recently, he was dating a model in her mid-20s. His hobby is cars. He owned a car that he had modified to racing specs and drove it around.

Many of his business associates praised his sincere attitude toward acting, but what we heard were episodes about his “yan-cha” (mischievous) side.

He said, “My friends who I was dating looked like a gangster, and they had a bad temper, drinking alcohol and going on a rampage in a restaurant. The reason why he broke up with an actress he used to date was because he was fed up with his dangerous relationships.

The staff was not cooperative in promoting the work, which is said to have been one of the aspects that made the staff cry. A staff member at a production company revealed.

He did not want to appear on variety shows or information programs to promote his movies and dramas. Even when she was reluctant to appear, she kept her distance from her co-stars. During the waiting time, I thought he was alone in the smoking room and …… wasn’t good at interpersonal relationships.”

At a stage greeting for a movie held four days before his arrest, he was unresponsive to the host’s calls for help, and remained in a state of blank amazement the entire time. His suspicious behavior was pointed out. However, this may have been due to the effects of marijuana.

Although the route of acquisition of the marijuana has not been revealed, a store has already emerged in the line of investigation as a place to purchase marijuana. A reporter from the Social Affairs Department said, “There is an apparel store in Tokyo called ‘X.’

It is an apparel store in Tokyo called ‘X.’ This shop sells marijuana to its regular customers. This store is suspected of having a dealer supplying marijuana to its regular customers, and the police are marking the store. We hear that celebrities who have been arrested for drugs in the past and those who are constantly rumored to be using drugs are also regular customers. As for Nagayama, a roll of paper believed to have been used for inhalation was seized from his apartment, and investigations into his addiction and use of other drugs will continue.

In fact, this magazine has suspected Nagayama’s use of marijuana for the past six years. A music industry insider opens up with a serious comment.

Around ’17, an acquaintance of mine saw Mr. Nagayama several times at a restaurant in Kyoto City that was rumored to be a place where drugs could be bought. It was ostensibly a dining bar, but its regular customers were famous for being able to buy marijuana.
When my acquaintance asked the master, ‘Isn’t that an actor?’ and he was overheard saying, ‘Yes, that’s Eita’s brother. I can’t tell if it was marijuana or not, but he was smoking ‘something wrapped in paper.

The folly had already passed the point of concealment. His brother’s back, which seemed to be finally getting closer, is now far away again.

On the morning of June 17, Nagayama was sent to the Harajuku police station for prosecution. What was reflected in his vacant eyes?
On the day of his brother’s arrest, Eita was furious with the press who came to interview him. There was a scene where he ran out of the house barefoot. His wife, Kaela Kimura, restraining him behind him.

From the July 7, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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