Matsumoto Hitoshi’s Remarkable Consideration for Emiko Uenuma, Mitsuyoshi Uchimura, and Shinsuke Shimada | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Matsumoto Hitoshi’s Remarkable Consideration for Emiko Uenuma, Mitsuyoshi Uchimura, and Shinsuke Shimada

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Downtown’s Hitoshi Matsumoto sued the Weekly Bunshun for defamation of character. If only he had shown the consideration he showed for his fellow comedians to women.

“I still can’t believe it.”

These words are spoken by a veteran director.

The chaos surrounding the Weekly Bunshun report on Matsumoto Hitoshi of “Downtown” is causing turmoil in the television industry. Matsumoto’s hiatus has led to the search for substitutes for regular programs and significant impacts on future scheduling. Amidst this, the veteran director mentioned at the beginning speaks about Matsumoto’s presence on the work site.

“Until he enters the studio and stands in front of the set, he may seem reserved or tense. However, in the few seconds before the live broadcast, he teases his co-stars to ease tension. After the show, he quietly supports junior comedians. He’s an incredibly considerate person.”

That is why he was so shocked by the inside story in the Bunshun article.

Emiko Uenuma, the “bigwig of the west,” also commented on Matsumoto’s consideration.

On the January 14 broadcast of “Uenuma Takada no Kugizuke!” (Yomiuri TV), she commented on the series of Bunshun reports.

 “It makes me sick.”

expressed strong disgust, but on the other hand, when Matsumoto was disparaged by young comedians from Yoshimoto Kogyo during the judging of the 2018 M-1 Grand Prix, Matsumoto later made a surprise visit to Kuwashima’s Osaka dressing room. He apologized for the disrespectful behavior of the junior comedians. 

Uenuma said, “I was a little moved at the time. He bowed his head for his junior. I thought he was a great guy.”

and praised Matsumoto. However, she added, “That’s why I’m puzzled by this situation. At that time, you bowed your head to me for the sake of your junior comedians. You’re such an admirable person of integrity.”

and she expressed this sentiment.

A similar visit to the backstage area has become a popular story when he encouraged his close friend Mitsuyoshi Uchimura of Utchan Nanchan fame.

In 1993, “Utchan Nanchan no Yarunara Yaraneba!” (Fuji TV) was abruptly canceled due to a fatal accident during recording. Uchimura and Kiyotaka Minamihara held a press conference to apologize, but Uchimura was deeply shocked and struggled to cope. Matsumoto, concerned for Uchimura, visited his dressing room to offer encouragement.

Both Uchimura and Matsumoto had co-starred in “Yume de Aetara” (Fuji Television Network) the night before Uchimura’s breakthrough. Their relationship of trust continues to this day.

Gyasi, who came into the limelight as an outspoken YouTube star and was later arrested and prosecuted, had also mentioned Matsumoto’s behavior in a previous video.

On April 1, 2001, Matsumoto Ryusuke, the former partner of Shinsuke Shimada, whom Matsumoto respects as “Aniki” (big brother), passed away. On that day, Shinsuke Shimada, while aware of Ryusuke’s death, served as the MC for the TBS program “All-Star Kanshasai” and even participated in the after-party with a smile.

At that moment, Matsumoto, who was not scheduled to appear on the show, unexpectedly showed up. The reason was the absence of his former partner, and he wanted to be there to comfort Shinsuke Shimada, who was undoubtedly feeling lonely and sad due to Ryusuke’s passing. According to Gyasi, Matsumoto said:

“Today, I thought Aniki, Ryusuke Aniki, must be incredibly lonely and sad because of his passing, so I came to be by his side.”

When Matsumoto spoke those words, Shinsuke Shimada’s tear ducts reportedly broke down.

“While it’s said by Gyasi, so it’s taken with a grain of salt, it’s a well-known fact that Matsumoto has great admiration for Shinsuke Shimada. Even in this recent matter, some media outlets are trying to interview Shimada to understand Matsumoto’s actions. There must be some communication between them.” (Source from a variety show insider)

Even Dr. Suidobashi, who has been critical of Matsumoto, mentioned in a YouTube live stream:

“He has incredible talent, and he is considerate. In the context of the program, there is a tremendous respect for what he creates.”

And that’s his assessment.

“The Matsumoto Hitoshi portrayed by those who have interactions with him and the ‘Matsumoto Hitoshi’ depicted in Bunshun show a significant gap. That’s why the comedy scene is in a panic. 

Even within Yoshimoto, the information is only shared among a few top executives. The disturbance in the field is still ongoing.” (Source: Comedy industry insider)

On April 22, Matsumoto filed a lawsuit against Bungei Shunju, publisher of the weekly Bunshun, in the Tokyo District Court for defamation of character, as previously announced. The amount of damages claimed is approximately 550 million yen. Attorney Masahiro Tashiro of Yaesu Sogo Law Office, who is representing the company, said

“We firmly assert and aim to demonstrate that there are no facts related to sexual acts as described in the article or any actions amounting to sexual misconduct. We want to make it clear that there is no evidence supporting such allegations.”

And other similar claims are being asserted.

Regardless of the authenticity of the article, there is nothing left but to regret, thinking that if the usual consideration had been demonstrated even during drinking parties.

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