Evgenia Medvedeva “Russian Fairy” Linked to Yuzuru Hanyu Faces Divorce Rumors | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Evgenia Medvedeva “Russian Fairy” Linked to Yuzuru Hanyu Faces Divorce Rumors

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Medvedeva’s approach to Hanyu was often seen at figure competitions

“Last year, my ex got married. At the time, I was like, ‘Oh well,’ but three months later, they got divorced. It’s like, ‘Ahaha,’ you know?”

The person who made this statement in their YouTube video is Evgenia Medvedeva (24), the silver medalist in women’s figure skating at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, known as the “Russian fairy.” The man she mentioned, whom she married last year and divorced three months later. It brings to mind Yuzuru Hanyu (29), who announced his marriage to a famous violinist on social media in August last year only to divorce in November. Referring to Hanyu as her ex, she hints at a connection that is unsettling for fans.

However, rumors of their close relationship have circulated for some time.

“Her ‘Yuzu love’ is well-known. In December 2016, during the Grand Prix Final, she gave Yuzuru Hanyu a tumbler featuring characters from the anime ‘Tokyo Ghoul’ as a birthday present (his birthday is December 7). She often posts photos of the two of them together on her Instagram.

In May 2018, she suddenly announced the dissolution of her mentor-student relationship with her coach, whom she had been training with since she was seven years old. Her new coach is Brian Orser, whom Hanyu had been studying under. Medvedeva did not disclose a clear reason for the coaching change, but among figure skating insiders, it was rumored to be because she wanted to get closer to her beloved Yuzu.” (Sports newspaper figure skating reporter)


“This is the wish of me and my beloved person.”


She never shies away from the public eye.

“At competitions, she was always close to Hanyu, showing affection without concern for her surroundings. During the Pyeongchang Olympics, when rival Zagitova hugged Hanyu on the ice, she gave an incredibly fierce glare.” (Same source)

In May 2017, she dedicated a shocking ema at the Seimei Shrine in Kyoto. Written in Russian, it said the following:

“May the wishes of me and my beloved person come true.”

The same shrine that enshrines Abe no Seimei from the Heian period has a deep connection with Hanyu. At one point, they even used the music from the movie “Onmyoji” in their program, which is why Hanyu visited the shrine many times.

With ema filled with overflowing emotions and a video expressing “aha” at the divorce of her ex. Perhaps, with Hanyu becoming free, the flame in Medvedeva’s heart has been reignited.

An ema dedicated by Medvedeva. In Russian, she wrote, “May my wishes and those of my loved ones come true
Medvedeva expressed her love for Hanyu without hiding it.
The divorce of Hanyu reignites the flame in her heart.
What does a woman in love think?
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