Yosuke Sugino’s “overwhelming aura” on location in the arcade district | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yosuke Sugino’s “overwhelming aura” on location in the arcade district

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Sugino during the filming of a drama. As it was a shopping street, shoppers and passersby watched the filming with great interest.

The current drama “Koi Desu! 〜Yankee-kun to Hakkyo Girl” (Nippon Television Network Corporation). (Nippon Television Network Corporation). It is a love story in which the heroine, played by Hana Sugisaki (24), who goes to a school for the blind, and the yankee, played by Yosuke Sugino (26), fall in love.

One day in late October, filming was taking place in the shopping district near Omori Station (Ota Ward). Next to Sugino, who was wearing a black jersey, was Momoko Tanabe (22), who plays the heroine’s classmate. This may be the scene where Sugino accompanies Tanabe as she trains for the marathon at the school for the blind. Sugino was talking to Tanabe while she was running.

Sugino, who says he admires Tori Matsuzaka (33), one of the senior members of his agency, entered the entertainment industry after auditioning for a fashion magazine where Matsuzaka used to be a model, and then became an actor. Like Matsuzaka, Sugino is a next generation actor with a delicate ability to express himself and a deep understanding of his work, so many producers and directors are paying attention to him.

It may not be long before he wins the Japan Academy Prize for Best Actor like Matsuzaka did.

This magazine’s unpublished cut of Yosuke Sugino spotted on location in Ota Ward, Tokyo
Yosuke Sugino was spotted on location in Ota Ward, Tokyo.

From “FRIDAY” December 3, 2021 issue

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