Rumor in the industry is that they “stretch their co-stars”..! Haru and Hana Sugisaki are “in demand for dramas” for a good reason! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Rumor in the industry is that they “stretch their co-stars”..! Haru and Hana Sugisaki are “in demand for dramas” for a good reason!

The staff saw it! Weekly TV Insider's View

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Haru appeared in three consecutive dramas last year with “Lovely Lie – Gentle Darkness”, “10 Count to the Future”, and “Magical Renovation”, and has already appeared in two consecutive dramas this year.

Haru (32) appeared in “My Wife” (Fuji Television) in the April season, followed by “Kocchi o muyo yo mukai kun” (Nippon Television) in the July season. This “string of appearances” has increased the credibility of certain rumors in the industry.

This season is characterized by a large number of leading actors appearing in two consecutive dramas, including Eiji Akaso (29), who plays the lead in “Kocchi o muite yo mukai kun. As key stations have increased their drama slots, well-known actors are being pulled in, especially Haru. Last year, for example, there were three consecutive seasons. This is because it is said that if you co-star with Haru, you get a big break.

In 2003, Haru got her breakthrough role as the heroine in NHK’s TV series “Asa no Kita” (Asa Comes). Since then, she has appeared in many films, but it is difficult to say that she has been blessed with representative works beyond morning dramas. However, an advertising agency official insists, “That is her strength.

She is well known and talented, but in a good sense, she does not have a strong personality, and she can play both serious and comical roles with ease. He can play both serious and comical roles with ease. He can get into any kind of work. He is more in demand for experimental films that feature next-break actors than for major productions. The concept of Fuji’s “Mizu10” slot, where “Watashi no Onome-kun” was broadcast, is to air a film with a male lead, but I heard that the sponsors were not convinced that Mahiro Takasugi (27), who played the other lead, was not well known enough, so Haru was cast as the lead.

The first episode of the series had over 2 million views and was a huge success, with many viewers on SNS lamenting the “Oyome-kun loss.

Like Haru, Hana Sugisaki (25), who played the heroine in the morning drama “Ochoyan” (’20-’21), tends to be cast opposite promising young actors. She has been known as an actor since she was a child actress, so even if the other actor’s performance is a little inexperienced, it will help to tighten up the film.

In fact, in the “Koi desu” (“It’s love”) broadcast in 2009, she played the role of a young boy with a white cane! 〜Yosuke Sugino (27), who co-starred in “Love!

An entertainment industry executive analyzes that Haru and Sugisaki’s “unassuming leading roles are assisting young actors.

For example, if an actor with an overwhelming presence like Takuya Kimura (50) were to play the lead, the scene and the production would have to revolve around him. On the other hand, when they are in the lead, there is an atmosphere of ‘let’s make a good film together. Young actors do not shrink away, and it becomes easier for them to show their charm and ability. If Kimura is the lead, there are cases where the co-stars don’t get the light of day.

A senior entertainment industry executive says that the fact that Haru and Sugisaki have never had any love scandals with famous actors is also a factor in their popularity as “good co-stars.

Haru was photographed once with an unknown actor, and Sugisaki has had no scandal. For an agency that has promising young actresses, she is an actress who brings out the best in them and also makes their fans feel at ease.

Will the day come soon when Haru and Sugisaki’s opponents will be Reiwa’s breakout actors?

From the August 4, 2023 issue of “FRIDAY

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