Hana Sugisaki, who plays the lead role in “Ichiko” for the first time, gives a “true-to-life” performance, not only with tears, but also by simply standing still and letting her “soul cry out”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hana Sugisaki, who plays the lead role in “Ichiko” for the first time, gives a “true-to-life” performance, not only with tears, but also by simply standing still and letting her “soul cry out”.

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Hana Sugisaki’s first solo starring film has been released. She has been steadily climbing the acting ladder, but ……

Actor Hana Sugisaki played her first starring role in the movie “Ichiko,” which is currently in theaters. In this film, she plays the role of

“I poured my heart and soul into this film until I ran out of energy.

Her performance has been a shock to the audience.

Ichiko (Sugisaki) disappears the day after her boyfriend of three years, Hasegawa (Wakaba Tatsuya), proposes to her. As Hasegawa follows her whereabouts and pursues the people who have been involved with Ichiko, the sad and spectacular life of Ichiko with her harsh destiny comes to light.

In order to make her presence in his mind, he accompanies her on location scouting trips. In order to be Ichiko, who is somehow unfulfilled, Sugisaki loses weight and wears no makeup for the shoot. She confessed that there were many moments when she could encounter Ichiko’s emotions that she “didn’t even know she had. The actress’s performance is remarkable in the way she conveys a sense of the epic life she has led without speaking, just by the way she looks at the viewer.

One scene that was not included in the scenario was when Ichiko received the marriage certificate from Hasegawa and burst into tears. She said she couldn’t stop crying because she had lived as an unregistered child without a birth certificate, and she felt as if she was going to burst into tears.

However, this is not the first time that Sugisaki’s tears have taken over my heart.

In the movie “The Love So Hot It Makes Your Water Boil (2004),” for which she won the Japan Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress and Best New Actor, she hid her uniform from an insidious bully and told her mother (Miyazawa Rie), “You can’t run away. She is told by her mother (Rie Miyazawa), “Don’t run away. You have to stand up to them.” Yasumi (Sugisaki), who seems to be torn apart by sorrow, cries, “I don’t have the courage to stand up to them,” as if she is trying to squeeze out her voice.

In 2009, she played the heroine in the morning drama “Oshima” (Oshima is a woman with a heart of gold). In “Ochoyan” (NHK), a morning drama in which she played the heroine, Chiyo (Sugisaki) loses everything in an air raid in Osaka, goes to share her food with others, and is met with heartless words. I can feel a kind of gravitational pull in Sugisaki’s tears that draws the viewer in,” said a producer from the production company.

This film is based on “For Ichiko Kawabe,” the inaugural performance of “Cheese Theater,” a theater company led by director Akihiro Toda. It won the Best Screenplay Award at the Sunmall Studio Selection Awards 2015. It is also a much talked-about work that has received enthusiastic support from audiences and has been performed again twice.

After reading the script, Sugisaki said, “My soul resonated and I couldn’t stop crying. She commented that she felt sympathy and thought, ‘I definitely want to do this.

Ichiko, almost crushed by the reality that she has no choice, commits a series of crimes in order to “survive. She shows the cry of her soul without acting, just by her appearance. It can be said that this film was a turning point for the actor Hana Sugisaki.

In the pouring rain that appears in the trailer,

In the pouring rain that appeared in the trailer, she said, “It’s great. Let it all wash away!

I am not the only one who was captivated by the scene in the “trailer” in which she shouts to the heavens, “I love it!

Ichiko is in danger of being sexually assaulted, and although she curses her harsh environment, she refuses to give up on “surviving. The tears and sweat Ichiko sheds as she watches this scene are washed away by the rain, and eventually become a rainbow over the ocean. This fantastical device is one of the highlights of the film.

The children’s song “Niji” that Ichiko hums at the beginning of the film and in the last scene is a song of hope that her mother Natsumi (Yuri Nakamura) used to sing to overcome the harsh reality of her life. By humming this song, Ichiko may have been able to live her life as Ichiko without losing her heart,” said the director.

In March, “Whales at 52 Hertz,” a movie starring Sugisaki, will be released. She also starred in “Kataragatari Sekai,” a film by popular screenwriter Yuji Sakamoto, in a triple role with Suzu Hirose and Kaya Kiyohara.

She will also be the heroine of a drama series in the April season. He is expected to take a further step up as an actor next year.

Ichiko” was released on December 8. The film’s December release was previously considered unfavorable for the film awards to be announced next year. However, last year, Yukino Kishii, who starred in the film “Keiko: Me no Sumimete” released on December 16, won the Best Leading Actress Award at the Japan Academy Prize. There is a good chance that Sugisaki will win a movie award,” said the producer mentioned above.

Hana Sugisaki is 26 years old. With this film as a springboard, next year is likely to be a year of even greater success.

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