The overwhelming aura that Hiroshi Tamaki radiated “during a meeting between shoots | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The overwhelming aura that Hiroshi Tamaki radiated “during a meeting between shoots

News on the Scene FRIDAY Eyewitness! harikomi24 〈Zama 15:50〉.

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Tamaki talks on his phone in between locations. He is now a father of a child and is showing his maturity as an actor.

Last fall, Hiroshi Tamaki (41) comically portrayed the role of a former yakuza housewife in the drama “Kyoku Shufuudo” (Nippon Television Network). The sequel film is currently being shot on location.

It was early November when I witnessed the filming at a supermarket in Zama City (Kanagawa Prefecture). Tamaki, who was waiting for her cue, was on the phone with her phone in hand, still wearing her hair and makeup from the movie. She looked around as if she was worried about being seen. I wondered if it was a work meeting. They continued talking for several minutes as they walked through the parking lot.

After a while, Tamaki went to the supermarket, dressed in an apron. He went to the cash register with his hands full of disposable diapers. There he found Izumi Inamori (49), his “elder sister” from his yakuza days,…….

Last summer, he and his wife Haruka Kinami (36) had their first child. He says he doesn’t have much time to devote to housework and childcare because of his busy work schedule, but the way he treats child actors has become softer than before. I’m sure his sense of children has changed.

We can’t wait to see how Tamaki acts as a “husband” now that he is a father.

This magazine’s unpublished cut of Hiroshi Tamaki was found in Zama City while he was filming a movie.
Unpublished cut from the magazine Hiroshi Tamaki spotted on location in Zama City.

From the December 3, 2021 issue of FRIDAY

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