Yoshitaka, Oguri, Sugisaki… “The Real Masterpieces of Autumn Drama” as Deciphered from the Secret Stories of Filming | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yoshitaka, Oguri, Sugisaki… “The Real Masterpieces of Autumn Drama” as Deciphered from the Secret Stories of Filming

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Read it and your drama will be more interesting!

The “high school girl” Yoshitaka in “Beloved” has become a hot topic among TV professionals. The photo shows her eating a location lunch in between takes.

The new Covid-19 and the Tokyo Olympics have caused a lot of anomalies in the programming of TV programs, but now the “fruitful autumn” is upon us.

Every station’s productions are doing well, but the focus is on “Doctor X: Surgeon Daimon Michiko” (TV Asahi), which is the double crown winner in household and individual viewership ratings. This series has been gobbled up with the story of the new Covid-19. I’m impressed by the way they greedily incorporate timely stories.

I was impressed by her willingness to take in timely stories. Dr. X is the Mito Kōmon of our time.

TBS is also doing well with its flagship Sunday drama, “Sinking of Japan: A Man of Hope. The famous drama based on Sakyo Komatsu’s novel has been remade in a modern style with a splendid cast including Shun Oguri (38), Teruyuki Kagawa (55), Kenichi Matsuyama (36) and Anne (35).

The film has attracted both older viewers who know the old film and younger viewers who are interested in environmental issues. The film was actually cranked in last November and finished around April this year. Part of the reason is that Oguri will be playing the lead role in NHK’s historical drama “Kamakura-dono no 13″ next year, but the fact that the film will be distributed worldwide by Netflix is probably one of the reasons why filming was moved up. I think it’s a PR measure for the production of spin-offs and advance distribution,” said a staff member of a commercial drama production team.

It is said that “Saiai” (TBS), starring Yuriko Yoshitaka (33), has the highest number of views on the Internet. Drama watcher Kazumi Yoshii says that it is the most popular work among housewives.

In the first episode, Yoshitaka played a high school girl for a long time, and I was disappointed because I thought it was too much for her, but everyone who kept watching was hooked. The first love is a detective, and Yoshitaka is an important witness who meets him again.

A mid-career broadcaster adds.

The show is produced by producer Junko Arai and director Ayuko Tsukahara, who have had a string of hits including “Diary of a Middle School Girl,” “Unnatural,” and “MIU 404,” so how could it not be interesting? The fact that the characters narrate the story on a weekly basis is also innovative!

A highly rated film in the industry is “Koi Desu!” which tackles the difficult theme of love between a visually impaired woman (low vision) and a yankee. ~(Nippon Television Network Corporation).

(Nippon Television Network Corporation), which tackles the difficult theme of love between a disabled person and a yankee. On the other hand, there are also elements of romantic dramas and comedies, so it’s diverse and never gets boring.

The main contributor is Hana Sugisaki (24).

She has been known for her acting skills since she was a child actress, and she is bursting with the sensitivity of a former heroine of morning dramas.” (Drama watcher Masahiro Kitagawa)

Her co-stars, First Summer Uica (31) and Nukumi Meiru (19), also say, “She has an atmosphere. I think she’s going to turn into an actress. This may be an epoch-making film.

Sugisaki is praised for solving the difficult problem of a romantic comedy between a “white cane girl” with low vision and a yankee (It’s Love!).
In “The Sinking of Japan,” Oguri plays a hot-headed elite bureaucrat at the Ministry of the Environment, who works tirelessly without regard for his family in order to save his country.
Hamada, the star of “The Girl Who Wasn’t There”. Later, he and Yamashita, the heroine of the film, hold hands and run at full speed with smiles on their faces.

From the November 26, 2021 issue of FRIDAY

  • Photography Yumi Enohara (Yoshitaka), Yusuke Kondo (Sugisaki, Oguri, Hamada)

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