Abi punished for going to cabaret club, but ‘women’s issues’ underpin strong re-entry | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Abi punished for going to cabaret club, but ‘women’s issues’ underpin strong re-entry

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I want to show you how I’ve changed,” said a spirited A-fire (Image: Kyodo News)

He was full of energy from the moment he entered the ring.

On the 12th day of the Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament on November 25, he attacked the 37-year-old veteran Tamawashi (6th in the Nishizen-maegashira) while he was pushed into the ring. He attacked him with his throat ring and thrust him out powerfully.

The lowest ranked bout in the makuuchi division, the 15th bout in the nishizen-maegashira division, Aoki (27) is in great shape. 11 wins and 1 loss through the 12th day. He is 11-1 through the 12th day and is in a close race with Yokozuna Terunofuji, who has won all his bouts.

He is 11-1 as of the 12th day and is in contention for the championship. He is a dark horse for the championship. He is a dark horse in the race for the championship. He is a dark horse in the race for the championship, and if the top rikishi are all fighting for the same number of stars, there is a good chance that he will win his first tournament.

Why is a man of such talent languishing at the bottom of the Makuuchi rankings? The reason lies in A-roko’s own problematic behavior.

The cause is A-roko’s own problematic behavior, “A-roko’s repeated troubles were seen as a problem within the association. First, in November 2007, he played a prank with a wrestler he was close to, and uploaded a video of himself with his mouth and wrists taped with duct tape. The Internet erupted in flames, saying that the video was “encouraging bullying. The JSA issued a strict warning to Shikoroyama Oyakata and A-fire.

Taking this incident as an opportunity, the Association held a training session to explain the dangers of using SNS. However, during an interview after the training, A-Yen made a problematic comment to the press. Even though he was a party to the commotion, he said, “I was asleep and didn’t hear anything. I was asleep.

I’m waiting for your offer!

When he received the Fighting Spirit Award in the January 2006 tournament, he made an unusual peace sign in his preparation room.

In the May 2007 tournament, he surprised everyone by saying, “I am the strongest in Saitama. (I’m the strongest in Saitama. I’m waiting for an offer to play the lead in the blockbuster movie “Tonde Saitama. I want to play the lead!

It’s all well and good to keep the fans happy with your good nature, but if you violate the rules, the association can’t overlook it. The big trouble came in the March 2008 tournament.

It was discovered that he had been going to a cabaret club several times during the tournament. At that time, the JSA banned all unnecessary outings due to the spread of the new coronavirus. Moreover, A-frame initially falsely reported that he had been to a cabaret club twice, before and during the tournament. When the JSA found out that he had actually been there several times, they decided to punish him severely.

At a board meeting in August 2008, the punishment was a suspension for three tournaments and a 50% salary reduction for five months. It wasn’t just the severe punishment that discouraged Aou.

It was a problem with the woman he had married in June of the same year. We had to separate. The association mandated that A-fire live in the Shikorozan stable for his education. They did not allow him to live as a newlywed and asked him to reflect hard.

After the disciplinary action was taken, A-fire restarted the tournament in March this year from the 56th rank under the Nishimakushita division. On the ninth day, he won the tournament, the fastest of his career. Since his suspension, his big mouth has faded and he continues to speak auspiciously, saying, “I’m just thinking about concentrating. I wonder what changed his mind.

He may have been naughty in general, but his attitude toward sumo was always sincere. Seeing his master, Oyakata Shikoroyama, who bowed and apologized to the JSA and the people involved for his own sake, changed his behavior outside the ring. He must have felt more sorry for causing trouble to his benefactor. He also felt that he was making his newlywed wife feel lonely.

His wife is a very lucky woman. After the series of disturbances, she did not pander to A-flame, but scolded him, saying, “It seems you are Kosuke-kun (A-flame’s real name), but that’s not good enough. After the punishment, A-flame was allowed to live with his family, but he is still living in his room. He said, ‘When I win the Makuuchi tournament and feel good about myself, I can live with my family with pride.

Reflecting on his problematic behavior, A-oka has recovered from the turmoil. After this tournament, he will be able to start his life with his wife with pride.

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