Believe” had the highest ratings for a commercial drama in the April season…but “a feeling of bewilderment” remained for Takuya Kimura, the lead actor. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Believe” had the highest ratings for a commercial drama in the April season…but “a feeling of bewilderment” remained for Takuya Kimura, the lead actor.

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Takuya Kimura’s “Believe – Kimi ni kakeru hashi” recorded the highest ratings for a commercial TV drama this season. ……

The final episode of “Believe: A Bridge for You” (TV Asahi), a Thursday drama series starring Takuya Kimura that was billed as a “65th anniversary production,” was broadcast on June 20, with an average household rating of 13.2%. At this point, it has the highest rating for a commercial drama in the April season.

Kimura plays Riku Kariyama, a designer for a major general contractor. Kariyama, who bets his life on building bridges, is blamed for an accident and escapes from prison. In this humanistic entertainment film, Kariyama is on the run to find out the truth about the accident.

In the final episode, Kariyama is arrested again, but after a retrial, a new truth is revealed about the professional negligence manslaughter for which he was held responsible for the Ryujin Ohashi Bridge collapse.

Then came the final scene.

Kariyama makes the blueprints into paper airplanes and flies them from the Megane Bridge on the Usui Pass. The netizens were very excited to see Kariyama. It was a great scene that added another page to the “legend of Kim Taku.

However, is it just me, or is there still a nagging sense of unease even after the last episode?

In the drama “Grand Maison Tokyo” (TBS), Mr. Kimura is a chef at a two-star restaurant who has lost all his fame and credibility before his 50th birthday. In the drama series “Kyobo” (Fuji TV), he plays a police academy instructor with gray hair and artificial eyes who has a dark past.

In the drama series “Mirai e no 10 k count” (TV Asahi), he plays a former four-time high school champion amateur boxer who is in a state of despair. The role of Kariyama in this film, in which he runs away while enduring the pain from his ribs, is one of the “uncoolest” roles in Kimutaku’s history. I wanted to break new ground by playing a character who has come back from the bottom. I could clearly sense his desire to break new ground by playing a character who has come back from the bottom.

However, I wonder if actor Takuya Kimura was able to seal off the “Kimura Taku no matter what he does” with this film. Unfortunately, I don’t think so.

Kariyama, who is on the run in episode 3, said, “I hated to run away. No matter how unfavorable the situation was, I never turned my back on it. He was laughed at for being “stubborn” and “cool,” but that was my way of making sense.

This is the pride that Mr. Kimura has entrusted to Kariyama, the protagonist of the film, and that is also his own way of life. In other words, no matter how uncool a role he plays, Takuya Kimura will never change. It sounded like he was declaring that,” said a producer from a production company.

Such thoughts were on display in the final episode. This feeling became even stronger in the final episode when he confronts President Isoda (Fumiyo Kohinata) of Teiwa Construction, who is imprisoned for planning the bridge “collapse.

He said, “You used to talk about your dream. You used to talk about your dream of building bridges all over Japan and even the world. Whenever I heard that, I got angry. It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

People move for money or status. That is psychology. But you keep talking about dreams, dreams, dreams. Every time you talked about your dream of a bridge, I hated you. Kariyama, to work is to abandon your dream. Perhaps I wanted to remind you of that.

Perhaps it is President Isoda’s thoughts that are the true reason for his discomfort with Takuya Kimura’s character.

Kimura rose to stardom by playing the “hero of my dreams” in step with the success of SMAP. But now that he is in his fifties, he has been searching for a new hero to revive his life.

However, Mr. Kimura himself has probably never experienced a setback big enough to bring him back from the brink of defeat. Perhaps it is because of this background that the main character played by Mr. Kimura feels uncomfortable whenever he talks about his “dream.

Certainly, there was a time when Kimura faced headwinds after the breakup of SMAP seven years ago. It is also true that Kimura has suffered damage due to a series of “sexual assaults by Janie Kitagawa.

However, Takuya Kimura is still a shining star. What about the three members who expanded the “New Map”?

Shingo Katori, in a program he appeared on this year, reflected on that time, saying, “2017 was quite a difficult time for me, so much so that I lost all my work and everything once and for all. At the time, headlines in the media were “Shingo Katori retires” and “Studying abroad?” His ally, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, who was watching the pain up close, said, “Okay, I’ll live with Shingo on a southern island. He also confessed that he had stood by Katori and declared that he would live on a southern island with Shingo. That is how cornered the three members of New Map had become.

The three members of “New Map” have come back from the brink. Takuya Kimura talks about his dream without seeing hell. The gap between the three is still very wide.

But if you are not afraid of change, there is a chance. A new film and a new director may bring out a completely different Takuya Kimura.

In 2006, he lost his eyesight. In 2006, he starred in Yoji Yamada’s “A Samurai’s Moment,” in which the main character Shinnojo Mimura (Kimura), who had lost his eyesight and once tried to take his own life, takes up the challenge of revenge in order to pass on the samurai code. ……

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