Kazuya Ninomiya reveals the “bond” of “Arashi” that overcame the “disagreement” four years ago. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kazuya Ninomiya reveals the “bond” of “Arashi” that overcame the “disagreement” four years ago.

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Although there had been reports of a “disagreement,” …… (November ’19)

While it became clear at a press conference on October 2 that the Johnny’s office will be essentially dismantled, Kazunari Ninomiya (40)’s words about the members of “Arashi” at an event for the movie “Analog” held in Tokyo on September 18 are once again causing an uproar.

At the event, Ninomiya and Haru (32), who co-starred in the film, talked about various topics. In response to the question, “Do you have a best friend to whom you can talk about anything?” Ninomiya said that he can talk to the four members of “Arashi,” but only about things like work and his position in life. He also said, “I’ve been twisted and turned and ended up with a best friend,” but he also reminded the members, “In terms of friends who have always been going forward with the same values, they are the only ones I have.

Three years have passed since the hiatus. The episode showed again the bond between the members of “Arashi,” and many may have recalled the “past” that they have overcome so far.

It is said that the members had a very tense relationship in ’19, just before they went on hiatus. It is said that the members had been having a hard time just before the hiatus in 2007, especially when Ninomiya announced his marriage in November 2007 during the 20th anniversary tour. All members were against the timing of the announcement before the hiatus. Masaki Aiba (40) and Sho Sakurai (41) gave their blessing, but Jun Matsumoto (40) and Satoshi Ono (42) made no comment, leading to whispers of a “crack” between them.

Matsumoto’s anger toward Ninomiya was said to be particularly intense, and their unnatural behavior at concerts and on TV programs seemed to have been felt by fans. At the time, the media was not allowed to ask if there were any fights among the members.

Arashi” will cease its activities at the end of 2008. The members of “Arashi” were suspended at the end of 2008, and they were to work individually. In April 2009, Ninomiya, together with Yuichi Nakamaru (40), Ryosuke Yamada (30), Fuma Kikuchi (28), and others, launched “Janino Channel” on YouTube. The channel became such a big hit that the number of channel subscribers exceeded 2 million within two weeks of its launch. However, there have been disturbing reports about “Janino” on …….

In one delivery in June of the same year, when Matsumoto said on his blog that he had been waiting for an offer to appear on the show but it never came, Ninomiya replied, “We don’t have the money to pay Matsumoto-san. If it’s okay with you for the last episode, I can invite you,'” he replied. So it was reported that they were still in disagreement. However, in another TV program during the same period, Ninomiya was happy to talk about Matsumoto. Since there were no opportunities for the two of them to appear together in public during this period, we did not know what was really going on, which probably led to a lot of speculation.

However, on November 3, 2009, it became clear that the two had “repaired” their relationship. On the 22nd anniversary of the CD debut of “Arashi,” the four members, excluding Ono, appeared together in public for the first time since their hiatus to greet the audience on the stage of a live film. Ninomiya and Matsumoto stood next to each other. Matsumoto smiled and tsked at Ninomiya’s comments, and some fans were moved to tears when they saw the two rubbing shoulders during the photo session.

The year 2008, the last year of “Arashi,” was also the year of the COVID-19 crisis. Arashi was also unable to perform most of its live shows, including the cancellation of its Beijing concert, and was only able to perform at the National Stadium, which was broadcast live, and at the Tokyo Dome on December 31. As they dealt with the irregularity of Corona, the mood gradually “thawed out. Now it seems that there are no more differences at all,” said an entertainment agency official.

As Johnny’s is dismantled and the talent is transferred to a new agency, the bond between the five members is likely to be reassuring.

At an event held just before his hiatus (December ’20)
At the 20th anniversary press conference, announcing the entry into SNS (November ’19)
At the press conference announcing the hiatus; will there be a reunion on the 25th anniversary (January ’19)
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