Adult products are all the rage, and the number of office workers and housewives buying them is rapidly increasing. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Adult products are all the rage, and the number of office workers and housewives buying them is rapidly increasing.

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The four members of “sese,” a group of experts who revealed their views on women’s sexuality in this issue. From left to right: Natsueri, Mayunamu, Mackie, and Mazda.

This year marks the fifth year since joining Reiwa. It is said that adult products are secretly enjoying a boom among women. The name is “self-pleasure items. TENGA” is a generic term for adult goods for women, and while “TENGA” is famous for men, the market for women’s goods has been growing in recent years, and major mail-order companies have begun to carry them all over the country.

The four members of the group “sese,” which conducts educational activities on women’s sexuality: Natsueri, Mackie, Mazda, and Mayunamu, gave an interview about the latest situation. They talk about the “sex situation of women in Reiwa” in a candid manner.

What Men Don’t Know About Women’s Sexual Conditions

Natsueri First of all, let me say that everyone says that they do not use toys, but that is absolutely not true! According to a magazine survey, the number of women who masturbate is relatively low, at less than half of the population, but there is no one who has never done it. And, “Toys are for perverts, right? but I think there are many people who have bought a toy once and put it away in their wardrobe or have used it.

I have a newsletter, and I get a lot of questions from readers about self-please items, such as, “Where does it say where it is shipped from? or “What kind of box will it be delivered in? I am often asked such questions. My feeling is that there are quite a lot of women who want to use the service without being noticed.

Mackey: I usually work as a nurse, and I once had a woman come to the emergency room who said that she couldn’t remove her locomotive after she put it in (laughs). (Laughs.) Apparently, her partner said, “Let’s put it in,” and she put that “blue locomotive” in. But in fact, there are a lot of women like that who come to the emergency room. It is so common among women to use toys.

Mayunamu: There are those who are addicted to toys. I myself am not an addict, but I try to use various toys! New things are coming out all the time, aren’t they?

Natsueri: I am a producer of goods for my job, so I actually use more than 100 products a year. Until now, toys were thought of as something that young people use, but recently the age range of users has been increasing.

For example, the number of married people is increasing. Once you decide on a mate, you can only do it with that person, right? But with self-pleasure items, you can choose what you want and try as many as you want. So if you choose and use the one that fits you best, it will be a plus in terms of taking care of your health.

The four continue to educate the public about women’s sexuality. They were very excited during the discussion.

Mackie: The other is the COVID-19 crisis, which is now being purchased by a wider range of working women, including female office workers. A survey shows that women are more likely than men to engage in the act for the purposes of “stress relief” and “physical relaxation. I think that self-pleasure items will become an essential item for women in the future. I think so.

Natsueri: We live in a world of remote work, don’t we? There are many women around me who masturbate in between remote work. Some of them do it online before a meeting starts and come to the meeting with a clear head.

MayuNamu I totally understand. It motivates you, doesn’t it?

Natsueri For women, sexual intercourse with a man and masturbation are two different things. Sexual acts have a strong element of communication and expression of affection, and many women seek connection rather than simple feelings. In masturbation, women enjoy watching their favorite “side dish” or use their favorite toys, and they are more interested in their own pleasure.

Mayunamu: “Let’s cum once! The state of the body after coming may be totally different between men and women. Not many women have a dramatic “wise man time” every time they come. So I think there are a lot of people who view masturbation as a kind of physical maintenance.

Mazda: As the purpose of masturbation becomes more and more diverse, the demand for and uses of self-please items are also expanding. It is more hygienic than using one’s own …… fingers, for example, and toys can perform movements that are impossible with fingers, such as vibration and suction.

Natsueri: There may be pros and cons about self-please items, but they are still efficient and fast. I feel that it is suitable for today’s busy people.

During the discussion, Natsueri, a producer of adult goods, actually takes the products in her hands and introduces them to the audience

Mayunamu: There are a lot of girls who say they like watching porn. I like it too. For example, in porn, there is a lot of hand shaking and hip wiggling, but it is not the same as what is pleasurable for a woman. It is a fantasy, something to be enjoyed as a “side dish” to get aroused.

I once held an event to discuss “side dishes” for masturbation, and there were people who used pornography for women and erotic manga and novels for women as “side dishes.

Natsueri But on the other hand, there are also women who say they prefer to be fucked like an adult film actress and that it feels good. Sexuality really varies from one person to another.

Mazda: I don’t find porn for women very interesting. I feel like it’s too beautifully presented, and I can’t get emotionally involved in it. Male-oriented porn is very intense, with a lot of deliberate movements. But I think it is like a variety show on TV. I prefer male-oriented porn because it is more sexually arousing, even though it is made to look fake and staged. But if men imitate porn, I don’t think it would fit women’s bodies.

Mackey: I prefer sensual novels and the like, but I don’t like porn because it is painful and makes me look at it from the perspective of, “How is this girl feeling right now? I don’t like porn because it is painful and I have to look at it from the point of view of, “How is this girl feeling right now?

Mayunamu: I think text is probably the most popular among women. I think masturbating with imagination is more common than watching videos, from what I’ve heard.

Mackey- Yes, that’s right. In my survey, there were several people who said that in sensual novels, they can create their own convenient situations, but in pornography, it is male-dominated and they are not the main subject, so they don’t like it.

It is not only men who are on an insatiable quest for sexuality. Women’s sexuality is also changing with the times.

This trilogy of talks sometimes included radical topics. The girls will continue their activities to enlighten the public.
McKee: She has worked as a nurse for about 11 years. He is the author of “Men’s Health Nurse Secretly Teaches Ejaculation as a Cultivation” (Life Science Publishing). His own “Nurse McKee [Men’s Health Channel]” has 94,000 registered users and over 50 million views.
Natsu Eri: She is a love toy producer who tries more than 100 adult toys a year. Her personal blog recommending goods is gaining popularity, with 150,000 pv per month and over 10,000 followers on Twitter (now X).
Mazda: Advisor specializing in “FemTech,” which refers to products that can solve women’s health issues through technology. Became a creator and advisor specializing in FemTech after an experience of being liberated thanks to a certain product or service.
Mayunamu: Established “Eros Gohan Kenkyujo (Eros Gohan Laboratory),” which pursues the relationship between food (ingredients, meals, and how to eat), eroticism, and sex, and provides ideas for improving problems on a daily basis. Actively holds offline events.
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