Haruka Ayase in the launch of “Firefly No Hikari 2” in 2010… Haruka Ayase’s “16th time as the most popular celebrity” – a convincing photo of her true face. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Haruka Ayase in the launch of “Firefly No Hikari 2” in 2010… Haruka Ayase’s “16th time as the most popular celebrity” – a convincing photo of her true face.

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Ayase and Osamu Mukai at the launch of “Firefly No Hikari 2” (October 8, ’10 issue)

Haruka Ayase (38), who is currently captivating audiences with her brilliant action and bewitching sex appeal in the movie “Revolver Lily” currently in theaters, ranked first in the “Female Talent Popularity Ranking” announced on August 29 in the “TV Talent Image Survey” conducted twice a year by “Video Research Inc. Ltd. conducts twice a year.

Ayase’s ranking is the 16th time she has been ranked No. 1 (Akashiya Sanma ranked No. 1 20 times), breaking her own record in the longest-running survey of TV personality popularity that began in 1973. Ayase’s ranking was 16th (Akashiya Sanma’s ranking was 20th), breaking her own record. The reasons include “friendly and cute,” “natural and unpretentious,” and “beautiful skin. He also has a lot of support from women.

In his personal life, he was Osawa Takao in ’10.’ In 2008, she was reported to have had a love affair with Korean celebrity Noh Min-woo, but the fact that it did not affect her popularity at all is also amazing.

FRIDAY has been paying attention to Ayase since she began to gain popularity as an actress. We would like to introduce Ayase’s No. 1 appeal, using treasured photos of the launch of the 2010 drama “Firefly No Hikari 2,” scenes from the filming of the movie “My Girlfriend is a Cyborg” (released in 2008), bold costumes at events, and more.

Don’t go home! Surrounded by co-star Osamu Mukai…

It was September 2010 when I encountered the launch site of “Hotarunohikari 2” (NTV), which recorded an average viewer rating of 15.4% and was said to be the number one movie of the year.

The party was held at a ryokan in Hakone-Yumoto, Kanagawa Prefecture. Laughter and applause could be heard from the banquet hall, and the participants seemed to be in high spirits. Shortly after 9:00 p.m., about 20 men and women came out into the lobby, shouting charmingly. Among them, the one who stood out the most was Haruka Ayase, a woman with beautiful white skin. Ayase told her co-star Osamu Mukai (41) that she was leaving after the first meeting,

Please don’t go home!

Mukai said, “Please, don’t go home! Mukai said,

I’m sorry I left in the middle of the party.

Mukai bowed his head to his friends surrounding him.

Most of the staff, including Ms. Ayase, were super excited to stay for the after-party. Ms. Ayase left after the after-party, but she seemed to regret it,” said a source close to Nippon TV.

In an interview in the September 2 issue of “magacol” (September ’23 issue of “BISUTE”), Ayase, who has been running as a top actress since the drama, talked about her marriage,

She said, “It’s the same with marriage. When asked, she says, “I want to get married! (laugh), but sometimes I think it’s more about work! (laughs), but I don’t think it’s right to rush into something. Marriage is just a passing phase, and whether or not we enjoy being together is more important, and it enriches our hearts. So, rather than thinking about age and rushing into it, I think that when your feelings move in that direction, that’s when it will happen naturally.

I think it’s time for that to happen naturally,” she said. Her “friendly and unpretentious” words are sure to continue to attract fans.

Keisuke Koide (39), co-starring with Ayase during the filming of the movie “My Girlfriend is a Cyborg” (April 20, ’07 issue)
The 21st Nikkan Sports Film Awards and Yujiro Ishihara Award ceremony. Ayase was the second youngest actress ever to win the Best Actress Award (Jan. 23, 2009 issue).
Ayase at the launch of “Firefly No Hikari 2” (October 8, 2010 issue)
Ayase at the time of her love affair with Takao Osawa (June 18, 2010 issue)
Ayase in plain clothes spotted in downtown Tokyo (December 5, ’14 issue)
Ayase in plain clothes at the end of filming for the drama in which she starred, “Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law Blues” (TBS) (December 26, ’18 issue)
In March 2007, Ayase came out of a yakiniku date with Noh Min-woo, with whom she was rumored to have a passionate relationship (July 24, 2008 issue).
In November ’21, Ayase and Takeru Sato (center, 34) returning home together after filming “The Mother-in-law and Her Daughter’s Blues New Year Special” (TBS) (December ’22 issue)
Ayase at the Japan premiere of the movie “THE LEGEND & BUTTERFLY” (February 3, ’23)
Ayase at the opening day stage greeting for the movie “Revolver Lily” on August 11, 2011.
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