Hong Kong criticized a “Sunday morning show,” but the Internet responded, “You, too! and “You too! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hong Kong criticized a “Sunday morning show,” but the Internet responded, “You, too! and “You too!

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Comedian and author of patriotic books, Honkon. He criticized the “Sunday morning” show. ……

“You’re not an expert on Sunday mornings, but you talk about climate change and the economy and make the weak-minded believe you are an expert on baseball.

On the morning of August 20, TV personality Hong Kong updated her X (formerly Twitter) and criticized a “Sunday morning show.

The name of the program was not disclosed, but considering that it was posted at 8:56 a.m., it was probably “Sunday Morning” (TBS) or “Sunday News THE PRIME” (Fuji TV), hosted by Hiroshi Sekiguchi, based on the on-air timing.

The program is written “Sunday morning,” and there were many replies in the comments section of X saying, “Sunday Morning, right? The program talked about climate change in the news about the wildfires in Maui and criticized Abenomics due to the weak yen, so it is highly possible that he had a hard time with this program.

It is unclear whether it was Sunday Morning or not, but those who spoke about climate change on the program were Keiko Hamada, former editor-in-chief of “AERA” and freelance journalist; Kana Mitarashi, clinical psychologist; and Jitsuro Terashima, president of Tama University, who discussed economic issues such as the weak yen.

Although the article said “experts only on baseball,” former professional baseball players Kenshin Kawakami and Koji Uehara appeared as guests on this day. The content of the article seems to fit with what Hongkong posted.

In the reply column of X, he also wrote: “I agree with you intensely!

X’s reply column also contained many comments of agreement, such as “I agree with you intensely!

X’s reply column also contained many voices of agreement, such as “I agree with you intensely!

On the other hand, however, there were also those who said

You are the same kind of person.

You’re just like all comedians.

“You are the same as me! You too!

You don’t say that!” and “You don’t say that!

Speaking of Hong Kong, she appears as a commentator on information programs in the Kansai region and elsewhere. He often expresses harsh opinions, and his You Tube page is also a source of sharp criticism on current affairs.

In the case of the assassination of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, he tweeted in support of the conspiracy theory that the shooter was not Tetsuya Yamagami, who was indicted in the case, but that a sniper had targeted him from another building. He also claimed on YouTube that “no bullets were found.

However, the original story turned out to be a hoax. When the owner of the building where the sniper was said to be hiding threatened legal action, he immediately apologized repeatedly on Twitter and YouTube.

(A wide-show insider said, “In the past, Hong Kong herself has apologized for playing along with conspiracy theories, criticizing them as ‘not being an expert’ and ‘leading the weak-minded to believe them. Seeing that he has been criticized as a “boomerang,” perhaps this post was just a “joke” like a comedian, but …….

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