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Travis Japan’s Special Co-hosts Raved about their Amazing Dance Skills

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Travis Japan” made their major debut in the U.S. last October (from their official Instagram)

On the July 15 broadcast of the music special program “Ongaku no Hi 2023” (TBS), a dream collaboration between popular dance and vocal groups was realized. After the broadcast, the co-hosts praised their dancing and personalities.

This time, a total of 90 people gathered as a “dance gift from the entertainment world. Transcending the boundaries of entertainment agencies, artists such as DA PUMP, GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE, JO1, INI, BE:FIRST, &TEAM, and Travis Japan danced non-stop.

Of special note was the inclusion of Johnny’s Travis Japan. They have been known for their synchronized dancing since their Johnny’s Jr. days, and in late March of last year, they went to Los Angeles, California, to improve their dancing, vocals, and language skills. In October of the same year, they made their worldwide debut with the single “JUST DANCE!

On “Music Day,” they unveiled rare collaborations such as Travis Japan x BE:FIRST and INI x Travis Japan. When Shonen-tai’s “Masked Ball” was played during the “Legend Dance” corner, Kaito Miyachika of Travis Japan, Arashi Shirahama of GENERATIONS, and Takekoto Goto of INI showed off their sharp dance moves. Since there have not been many cases of Johnny’s idols collaborating with artists from other companies on Johnny’s songs like this, netizens were very excited, saying that “history has changed” (an idol magazine writer).

After the show, Leo Sano of GENERATIONS took to Twitter and tagged “#TRAVISJAPAN” and wrote, “I saw an extraordinary dancer today. On the day of music. I wonder who that person is. Especially that guy. I’m sorry, I haven’t studied enough, I seriously don’t know his name, but he was really punching out, I’m really curious, seriously,” she said.

Mendy Sekiguchi, another member of GENERATIONS, also live-streamed the event on Instagram on the night of the event. I don’t know his name yet, but he is a really good dancer. I don’t know his name yet, but he was in a dance competition before this live broadcast. Isn’t that amazing? After the dance competition. No, it’s amazing. It’s amazing. It was really cool. I want to learn how to dance.

Roehri Kawashima and Kaito Nakamura of Travis Japan were at the “Red Bull Dance Your Style Japan Final 2023,” a dance battle event held in Osaka on March 15. Mendee must have heard this information and was impressed by their passion for dance. As for the person Sano took a shine to, fans say that it might be Miyachika. His dance level is very high, and as the center and leader of the group, he is the one who leads the group.

Meanwhile, on the late-night radio show “JO1’s All Night Nippon X” (Nippon Broadcasting System) on the 19th, JO1 revealed an episode with Travis Japan. According to Shoya Kimata, during the last dance collaboration song “R.Y.U.S.E.I.” (by J Soul Brothers III from EXILE TRIBE), the members of Travis Japan extended their hands to him.

He said, “After high-fiving everyone, we started “R.Y.U.S.E.I.”. I thought they were really passionate people. They were so kind. When I greeted them, they said, “Please, please! Please! It made me feel very relaxed.
Everyone was really nice. I don’t mean to be rude, but they are really nice people.
It was really hot” (Kazunari Mamehara).

(Kazunari Mamehara). The Johnny’s fans praised Travis Japan’s performance, saying, “Travis Japan is the pride of Johnny’s.” “They are the best! and “Travis Japan is the pride of Johnny’s! They have captured the hearts of many, and may continue to do so in the future.”

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