Tsuneji Mizukami, the former Takeshi Okada, is the star of the Showa era in the “flop” Gekkan 9 drama “Cinderella in Midsummer. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Tsuneji Mizukami, the former Takeshi Okada, is the star of the Showa era in the “flop” Gekkan 9 drama “Cinderella in Midsummer.

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Tsuneji Mizukami shows off his unique style in the Gekkan 9 drama “Midsummer’s Cinderella.

The “Midsummer’s Cinderella” (Fuji Television), a “Tsuki 9” drama series starring Nana Mori (21) and Shotaro Mamiya (30), has been receiving mixed reviews.

This work is a romantic ensemble drama about eight men and women, including a girl who grew up in a seaside town and a boy from a prestigious university in Tokyo, who meet at the sea in the middle of summer. This is the first love story on the Geki 9 series in seven years, since the July 2004 season of “I Love Someone” starring Mirei Kiritani. The original script by new screenwriter Sayaka Ichihigashi, who won the “Young Scenario Grand Prix,” a gateway to success for young people, was a hot topic. However, the average household viewer ratings have stalled at 6.9%, 5.4%, and 5.5%, respectively.

In terms of the number of TVer favorite registrations, it ranked second among this summer’s dramas following the drama “VIVANT” (TBS), but in terms of viewer ratings, it struggled with the T (13-19 year olds) and F1 (20-34 year olds) demographic. It is not clear whether it will be able to follow the hit “silent” (Fuji TV), which featured rookie scriptwriter Miku Ikata, who also won the “Young Scenario Award” (wide-show insider).

However, the actor who stands out from the crowd is Kenshi Mizukami (24), aka Takeshi Okada, who plays the role of Sosuke Hayakawa, a lifesaver.

In the first episode, Risa (Sawa Himura) is startled by the sound of fireworks and falls into the sea. Sosuke, a lifesaver, saves her as he passes by and suddenly kisses her (artificial respiration). The scene of Risa waking up at Sosuke’s house naked and sleeping with him astonished the netizens, and contributed greatly to the episode ranking first on Twitter’s global trend list.

In the second episode, Sosuke meets Risa again and says, “I’ve been thinking about you since that day. In the second episode, Sosuke meets Risa again and confesses, ‘I’ve been thinking about you since that day. Risa replies, ‘Are you making fun of me? Sosuke is just like a “Showa-era man” when he tells Risa, “You’re dangerous, so I’ll protect you.

In the third episode, they kissed and then kissed in the morning. The netizens were also excited when it was revealed that Sosuke is a doctor. In playing this role, Mizukami commented, “I hope I can play the role of a character who lives by faith alone in this world.

Mizukami, who devoted his high school years to baseball, made his acting debut at the age of 19 in the drama “Chugakusei Nikki” (The Seikikki of Chugakusei). In 2009, he appeared in three films and won the Japan Academy Award for Best New Actor.

Mizukami is truly a major new actor who has emerged like a comet. However, while he was extremely busy, he had a conflict with his agency. He has had trouble with his agency, and in 2010, he has refrained from any notable activities.

In August of last year, he terminated his contract with his agency ahead of schedule, and it was announced that he would be working under his real name, Koji Mizukami. During the “blank nine months,” Mizukami spent his days at home, reading, drawing, and confronting himself.

He felt that, “In the end, I have to take responsibility for my own life. So, let’s go forward by listening to the voice of our own heart. The Sosuke played in this film shows that kind of determination.

Seeing Sosuke Mizukami’s character reminded me of a movie set on the sea in Shonan. It is the movie “Crazy Fruits,” which is said to be a pioneer of the Japanese Nouvelle Vague.

Crazy Fruits,” written by Shintaro Ishihara, is a masterpiece that is a counterpart to “Season of the Sun,” a film with sensational themes and a speedy pace. With its sensational theme, speedy development, and innovative cutting, it was highly acclaimed by French Nouvelle Vague writers such as François Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard.

Yujiro Ishihara, who made his full-fledged debut with this film, rose to stardom with this film.’ In 2008, Mizukami won that “Yujiro Ishihara Newcomer Award. Go Ayano, who co-starred with Mizukami in the film, described Mizukami as ‘having the scent of the Showa era,’ and after watching the film “Kurobe no Taiyo,” Mizukami said at the award ceremony, “It has a thrilling power,” and “I want to find my own way to become an actor who can shine light on the world like Yujiro did. (producer)

The movie “Crazy Fruits,” in which Yujiro Ishihara, “a great star of the Showa era,” opened a new chapter in the Japanese movie industry. The highlight of the film is the shocking final scene.

Natsuhisa, played by Ishihara, urges Eri (Kitahara Mie) to leave her husband and younger brother Haruji (Tsugawa Masahiko) and follow him to the sea on a yacht, outrunning her brother. The scene is still fresh in my mind even after seeing it today.

Tsuneji Mizukami reminds us of Yujiro Ishihara. I am not the only one who expects a big surprise, even if it is not in this film.

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