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Figure Skating Idol Marin Honda’s Relationship with Shoma Uno Revealed

Retiring at the end of this season, graduating from Meiji University this spring, won the World Junior Championships in '16, but suffered an injury in the end.

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“I am proud to have fought through as a competitor. I want to take the time to commend myself.”

Marin Honda, 20, a rare idol skater, finished last in SP of Japan Nationals last December, the last of her active career.

The number of online articles about each of the competitions in which she competed was more than that of such talented skaters as Kaori Sakamoto (23) and Rika Kihira (21), ranking her second in the skating world after Yuzuru Hanyu (29).

“There was an accident where she injured her right pelvis before the competition, and it cannot be denied that she lacked her usual brilliance. However, despite this, she skated earnestly with her boyfriend, Shoma Uno (26), watching from the audience, and in the end, she expressed gratitude to the rink by clapping her hands,” reported a sports newspaper journalist.

She is the older sister of actress Miyu Honda (19) and has the image of a celebrity, having been featured in commercials for major companies. However, her talent is genuine. In March 2016, when she was in the second year of junior high school, she won her first championship by defeating the Russian competitors who had been on a five consecutive victory streak at the World Junior Championships. Following in the footsteps of past star athletes like Mao Asada (33) and Miki Ando (36), she instantly became a noteworthy player by conquering the gateway for young talents.

“Since her junior days, she has been a skater who can produce ‘beautiful skating from any angle.’ Her outstanding looks and long limbs, combined with her talent, have earned her a reputation among photographers in the venue as being able to capture ‘photos with more atmosphere than any other skater,'” said a source from the Japan Skating Federation.

Upon Honda’s announcement of retirement, it is reported that numerous television programs are considering featuring her in various roles.

“With the appeal of being a beautiful figure skater and serving as an ambassador for JAL, along with the positive image of graduating from Meiji University’s School of Political Science and Economics this spring, she is well-received. Given her exceptional skating skills, she could be utilized as a sportscaster or commentator. In July of last year, she received positive reviews for collaborating on a dance performance with K-pop idol group ‘LE SERAFIM’ on a music program, showcasing adaptability suitable for television. She is likely to become quite popular,” commented an executive from a production company.

As a professional skater, she could participate in ice shows and venture into the entertainment industry, even trying her hand at acting, perhaps co-starring with her sister. The possibilities for her dreams are expanding, but there is also curiosity about her future with her boyfriend.

“Uno has appeared on the Honda sisters’ YouTube channel, showcasing their harmonious relationship, and their romance seems to be going smoothly. Looking ahead, we can’t help but anticipate a future where she supports his athletic career, and who knows, maybe even a surprise marriage,” commented the aforementioned journalist.

Honda is sure to captivate audiences in the entertainment world as well.

Her expected participation in the Olympics did not come true.
During her active career, she appeared in commercials for Lotte and Kose.
Her performance at the World Junior Championships, which she conquered in ’16. Her rhythmic performance was said to be at the senior level even back then.
A photo taken at the press conference for her sponsorship contract with JAL, where she is expected to be inundated with offers for commercials and corporate tie-ups.
A rare shot of her in her high school uniform. She had an unusual career, transferring from Kansai University High School to Aomori Yamada High School.

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