What?” “Naked? Fans laughed at the eccentric fashion of the new wife of “world-renowned rapper” Kanye West. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

What?” “Naked? Fans laughed at the eccentric fashion of the new wife of “world-renowned rapper” Kanye West.

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Kanye West and Bianca appear at an event in Aoyama, Tokyo. They look “naked,” but this is a tight, full-body skin-colored dress.

In late June, many fans gathered in front of an event hall in Aoyama, Tokyo. The elevator opened, and in came popular rapper and designer Kanye West (46), a.k.a. Ye.

The music superstar has produced numerous hits since the early ’00s through his music production and solo activities, and has been nominated for 69 Grammy Awards by ’20, winning 21 times. Forbes reported that his total assets were reduced by one-fifth after his partnership with Adidas ended last October, but he is still a millionaire with $400 million (approximately ¥60 billion) in assets.

The woman walking behind him. She is dressed in a very eccentric fashion, with white hair, a strong afro, and a tight-fitting dress that looks like skin-colored tights all over her body. She is Bianca Sensoli (27), an architectural designer 18 years younger than himself who just got remarried in January this year.

Kanye’s divorce from Kim Kardashian (42) was finalized just last November, and shortly after that he saw Bianca’s Instagram when she was a college student and invited her to work at his place; Bianca quit college and they were soon married. Since then, they have been the talk of the town on social media as a boisterous couple, but Bianca’s occupation is not It is not known exactly if she is really an architect” (music magazine editor).

Bianca’s rise to fame was due to her eccentric fashion; when she attended a church service in Los Angeles in early June, she was dressed head to toe in a body stocking-like (full-body tights-like) black dress with tire-like rings on her shoulders and neck.

In late June, she was wearing nothing else but a fitted black T-shirt and thin tights, not even shoes. People who saw this on social networking sites even posted, “This is insanity.

Bianca’s fashion was even more eccentric than that on her first visit to Japan.

The two held a closing event in Aoyama, Tokyo, on the same day as their secret visit to Japan, and the food served to the invited guests was quite unique, including ginger and garlic. Then, Kanye, dressed all in black, and Bianca, who looked completely naked, appeared at the event. One of the guests was expecting and prepared for her fashion,

What? She was naked. I was just dizzy.

He laughed. In the opening scene, the couple leaves the venue, and Bianca walks out in her outlandish costume and gets into a cab to pick her up.

Kim, his ex-wife, has been a regular columnist for gossip magazines as a “disturbed celebrity,” but it seems that his new wife is no slouch either.

I couldn’t help but think, “What? Naked?” Some guests thought “Naked?
Bianca still looks naked.

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