Ex-NHK Party member Takashi Tachibana is a “fish out of water” after the arrest of Gershie. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ex-NHK Party member Takashi Tachibana is a “fish out of water” after the arrest of Gershie.

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The suspect, Gershie, ran for the NHK party and rose to the House of Councillors. Takashi Tachibana has expressed his support for him after his arrest. ……

On June 4, Yoshikazu Azumaya, a.k.a. “Garcy,” who was wanted internationally for violating the Violent Acts Punishment Law (habitual threats) by threatening actor Go Ayano and others, was arrested upon his return from Dubai, UAE, where he was staying.

Mr. Takashi Tachibana, a member of the “48 Politician Girls Party,” is elated by this news. It was on the morning of June 4 that she heard the news of her return. When the news broke in a big way, he immediately went on YouTube to broadcast the situation live.

The party’s image has been shattered by the internal dispute with Ayaka Otsu, and in the local elections held in April, the party lost many seats, putting it on the verge of a crisis for the first time since its formation. Tachibana, as one might expect, has been suffering, and for a period of time he has been in poor health.

However, with the arrest of Gershie upon his return to Japan at this time, he has once again become the center of attention. Mr. Tachibana is moving around like a fish out of water.

A reporter for a national newspaper said as much.

The party was quick to declare that it would stand fully on the side of the Gershey suspects. A source in Nagata-cho said

“At this point, they are not a proper party. Normally, the party would respond, ‘We will cooperate with the police investigation,’ but…”

Tachibana was appalled.

Mr. Tachibana, in anticipation of the bail of the suspect Gershie, has vowed to raise money for bail bonds and court costs through a fund-raising campaign. In a YouTube interview with Hollimon on the same day, he revealed that he was considering arranging for a lawyer from Yamekensho.

He said, “The party’s money is going to fully back up the suspect Gershey, and the shortfall is going to be supplemented by the campa. They haven’t even set a bail bond yet, and they are trying to raise funds from the public, so they are working fast (laughs).

That is exactly what we will do if we raise more money than we anticipated. How will the money be delivered to the Gershie suspects? The Political Women’s Party has a history of getting into trouble over money. First of all, transparency is required.

Idea after idea poured out one after another. In a video clip with Hollimon, the exuberant Mr. Tachibana declared, “This is definitely the next dissolution.

This is a sure bet that Gershwin will run in the next general election!

To this, his interlocutor, Holliemon, responded.

I knew it!

Holliemon’s interlocutor could not help but chuckle. Tachibana, however, seemed to have a winning formula in mind.

Even if he is sentenced to prison, it will take three years (if he goes to the Supreme Court). In the meantime, there will be an election within two years, and people will say, ‘Gyasi is innocent,’ and ‘Let’s support Gyasi rather than vote for the party that made him quit.

He analyzed the situation. Gershie is not subject to suspension of his civil rights, and he will be able to run for office during his trial. Only if he is sentenced to prison and serves time in jail will he lose his suffrage during that time.

It seemed like it started and ended with Gershey, but it (Mr. Tachibana) came to life again with Gershey.” Mokka Tachibana was super hyped. As if he were a fish out of water, he is going to hold a series of press conferences and hijack the media.

The authorities were frowning at Mr. Tachibana, and they were afraid of what he might say if they simply let the suspect out of the room. In a sense, the attitude of the authorities will harden because the “outsiders” are taking every opportunity to move around.

(A reporter from the social section of a national newspaper).

How will the “Gershey Theater” that has begun again end?

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