Ferrari and Louis Vuitton Bought with Slash Fund by Wife of Former General Manager of Rakuten Mobile — More than 66 Million Yen Is the Cost of Her Greediness | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ferrari and Louis Vuitton Bought with Slash Fund by Wife of Former General Manager of Rakuten Mobile — More than 66 Million Yen Is the Cost of Her Greediness

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The suspect, Tomoko, was arrested along with her husband, the former head of Rakuten Mobile. It appears that they had been indulging in extravagance with back taxes.

The woman, who would normally be dressed in ultra-luxury brands, was wearing a gray sweatshirt provided by the detention center when she was sent to the police station, and was slumped over throughout.

On June 1, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Azabu Police Station arrested Tomoko Sato, 44, a company executive, on suspicion of violating the Organized Crime Punishment Law (receipt of criminal proceeds). Tomoko’s husband is Tomonori Sato, 47, a former logistics manager at Rakuten Mobile. He and his wife were re-arrested for violation of the same law (concealment of criminal proceeds).

Tomonori was arrested on suspicion of fraud in March of this year and subsequently indicted. Tomonori, who was a general manager of Rakuten Mobile, apparently defrauded the company of nearly 10 billion yen by charging the company a padded outsourcing fee for the construction of mobile phone base stations starting around July 2021.

Several subcontractors were allegedly involved in the fraud. Tomoko was the representative director of one of these companies. The executive compensation she received was approximately 27 million yen per month. In addition to that, Tomoko is alleged to have received about 66 million yen, knowing that Tomonori had cheated her out of the money.

(A reporter from a national newspaper) “We’ll handle it all with the slush fund.”

It seems that Tomonori and Tomoko were leading a luxurious life with a huge amount of slush fund, and a number of ultra-luxury brand goods, including a Louis Vuitton vanity case valued at no less than 10 million yen, were seized from the top floor of the tower apartment in Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo, where they were living.

Several media outlets, including ABEMA TIMES and Nippon TV’s “Nippon TV NEWS,” have reported on the social networking site exchanges between Tomonori and Tomoko, which were recorded in the documents Rakuten Mobile submitted to the court.

Tomoko, the suspect:” Louis Vuitton today, 8,300,000 yen will fall!  That’s a huge amount of money. I wonder if my credit card will run out.”

Tomonori: “No problem. I’ll take care of everything with the slash fund.”

Tomoko, the suspect: “I bought 2.4 million yen from Chanel!”

Tomoko suspect, “I ordered a Lexus!”

Tomoko: That’s amazing. I have a Ferrari too!

Their social networking exchanges suggest a sense of exuberance. The couple, who were indulging in extravagant extravagance with their swindled slush fund, will likely face the justice of the law.

Owns a large number of luxury brand goods
Numerous luxury goods were seized from his home.
It seems that he used the money for his own extravagant lifestyle, knowing that it was a slush fund.
He always kept his face down during the prosecution.
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