25-year-old Kakeko, a beautiful woman who competed in “Miss Campus” and wore a daring costume at night… and was sent back for special fraud. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

25-year-old Kakeko, a beautiful woman who competed in “Miss Campus” and wore a daring costume at night… and was sent back for special fraud.

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Kumai suspect being transported

A woman in a white hoodie, who was transported from the Shibuya Police Station of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, was slumped over in the back seat of the car. Perhaps the investigator sitting next to her took pity on her for exposing her face to the media. The investigator sitting next to her gently pulled a hood over her head.

Shortly after 3:00 p.m. on May 24, four men and women from a special fraud group detained in the Philippines arrived at Narita Airport. The suspects deported were Hitomi Kumai (25), Haruna Terashima (28), Kairi Fujita (24), and Shohei Sato (23). The aforementioned woman in the white hoodie is the Kumai suspect.

Kumai, who had a stiff look on her face after returning to Japan, slept soundly on the plane during the repatriation until her arrest. It is believed that she was a ‘caller’ in a robbery case in which she stole cash cards from elderly people. According to Fuji Television’s FNN Prime Online, she is pregnant.

Kumai’s profile is so glamorous that it is hard to believe that she would be involved in a scam. FRIDAY Digital” reported her detailed life story in an article distributed on March 21. We would like to recount the background behind the “young lady’s” involvement in the crime (some parts have been corrected).

The cutest new student in Japan

There are several groups of special fraud perpetrators detained in the Philippines. Among them, Kumai, who is believed to have been a “kakeko,” is a suspect with an unusual background. According to the March 25 issue of Shukan Gendai, Kumai’s father was a politician and his grandfather was a decorated master. He himself was a former female university student who participated in the “Miss Campus” pageant at a prestigious art university in Tokyo.

Shukan Gendai” reported that she had participated in the “Fresh Campus Contest” to determine the cutest new student in Japan. In high school, she was a member of the track club and gave the impression of a sports girl. However, since her entry in the contest, we hear that she has been going out at night in daring outfits.

While her life became more lavish, she was always in need of money. She probably turned to black market robbery for the high reward. There is also a story that he was earning money through “papa katsudo.

It is said that the robbers were recruiting via social networking services, offering good terms such as “10 million yen reward” and “1 million yen per day” to the perpetrators. The “directing officers,” who called themselves “Ralphie” or “Kim,” demanded that applicants provide identification and their parents’ home address. Only after these procedures were completed did they reveal that the job was “special fraud” or “robbery,” according to the report.

The “Telegram” communication app, which has a function to erase information after a certain amount of time, was used to ask the perpetrators to send images of their mug shots and driver’s licenses to the perpetrators. Once the images were sent, the message said, ‘If you run away, you will be in terrible trouble.

Since they had even told the victim’s family members, the victim could not easily escape, fearing that even his relatives would be harmed. In fact, one of the perpetrators stated, “A stranger visited me at home out of the blue,” and “I thought I was being watched. I thought I was being watched.” “I’ve joined a terrible organization,” he said. Once they apply for the job, they are blinded by the high reward and have no choice but to continue to commit crimes.

Kumai, who was born into a good family and enrolled in a prestigious art college, was involved in a black market job robbery. The police have begun a full-scale interrogation at a Tokyo detention center.

Kumai suspect detained in the Philippines (from his SNS)
Kumai detained in the Philippines (from an image taken by the country’s immigration authorities).
At first, he was wearing his hair carelessly. ……
Investigators gently put a hood over his head.
Kumai, who was attending an art college
Haruna Terashima, who was extradited with Kumai
Haruna Terashima, the suspect who was extradited with Kumai
Kumai suspect being transferred
Kumai suspect being transferred
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