Marika Matsumoto happily talks about her hobbies with a dandy long-haired man on a “fashionable cafe date. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Marika Matsumoto happily talks about her hobbies with a dandy long-haired man on a “fashionable cafe date.

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Marika Matsumoto and a man relaxing at a cafe

In mid-April, a little past 4:00 p.m., a man and a woman appeared at the fashionable cafe “B” near Komazawa Park, where a slim and stylish woman stood next to a dandy man in his 40s. Dressed in casual fashion, wearing oversized black glasses, a loose-fitting green oversized knit cardigan, and blue jeans, was actress Marika Matsumoto (38).

The restaurant is glass-walled, giving a full view of the inside from the outside, but the two did not seem to mind the stares. Facing each other at a table for four near the entrance, they ordered a late lunch.

Marika Matsumoto and a man relaxing at the cafe

When the waitress had finished serving drinks, the man could be heard expressing concern for Matsumoto.

The man said, “How’s work? Are you busy?”

Matsumoto: “Um, I’m busy. I have a drama coming up.”

A distinctive, high, sweet voice echoed through the store.

Matsumoto “I want a hobby, and I want to start biking. What kind of bicycle do you think would be good?”

The tone of his voice suggests that the man is an easy-going person for her. If you look closely, you can see that he is a nice guy who meets all of the criteria that she has stated on TV and elsewhere about the type of man she likes: “patient,” “intelligent,” and “a calm, mature man.

If this is ……!

Matsumoto’s office responded to the magazine’s interview.

He is a car sales agent. Matsumoto was considering buying a car to use for work, and he consulted with me about it.

Matsumoto is currently starring in the NHK Taiga Drama “What to do with Ieyasu. In the movie “Ice Cream Fever,” scheduled for release on July 14, 2011, she plays the role of a woman who makes her living through her work, and in the movie “Women of the Lake,” scheduled for release in November, she plays a double lead role with Sota Fukushi (29) as a caregiver at a facility where a murder has occurred.

He has a new hobby (?). I hope he can at least find time for a bike ride.

Relaxing at a cafe

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