Amid Founder’s Passing, Popular Actors Depart Agency, Riho Yoshioka Addresses Rumors of Transfer | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Amid Founder’s Passing, Popular Actors Depart Agency, Riho Yoshioka Addresses Rumors of Transfer

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He left the building in his black coat, being seen off by the staff. She looks a little tired, if not heartbroken.

A signature actress may disappear from an entertainment agency that has lost its charismatic founder.

In mid-March, actress Riho Yoshioka, 31, was seen in Omotesando. The future of Yoshioka, the reigning breadwinner of the entertainment agency “A-Team,” is attracting attention.

The founder, Akio Ogasawara, passed away in ’18, and Yoshioka adored him as “someone like a father. At the wake, she sobbed and said, ‘I want to protect the time that Akio-san spent starting and running the company. There are rumors about her transferring to a new company.

Is it really possible for her to quit the office to which she owes a debt of gratitude?

After Ogasawara’s death, Hideaki Ito (48) transferred from “A Team” in March 2010, and Kamio Fūju (25) left in December 2011. As the main actors left the agency one after another, including Marika Matsumoto (39) on New Year’s Day this year, there were whispers of Yoshioka’s transfer as well. The names of the companies to which Yoshioka has transferred include “Flame,” to which Kasumi Arimura (31) and others belong.

What will Yoshioka say about his future career? This magazine directly interviewed Yoshioka.

–This is Friday. Will he be transferred from his office?

Uh, uh, you know, …….”

Yoshioka turned his head down, did not answer, and drove away in his car.

She will continue to be active both at her old home and at her new place.

Yoshioka was interviewed directly by FRIDAY. For a moment, she looked surprised, but remained silent on the subject of her transfer.
Riho Yoshioka, the signature actress’s curious “future” in the magazine.

From the April 5 and 12, 2024 issue of “FRIDAY

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