Twice in 3 months Ishida Issei declares “I’ll get married” each time, and his love affair with two ordinary women afterwards | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Twice in 3 months Ishida Issei declares “I’ll get married” each time, and his love affair with two ordinary women afterwards

Compilation of the hot love scoops in the first half of 2011 "After" those hot love scoops

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In mid-January, we caught them on a date in Kabukicho. The woman is holding a bouquet of flowers presented by Ishida in her hand.

Ishida Issei (48) divorced for the third time in December 2009. Although he has not been very successful in his day job, this magazine has scooped Isshida’s love life twice this year, and we will look back on the details based on two articles distributed on January 27 and April 26 (ages and titles in the articles are current at the time of publication).

A man who has been married and divorced three times…Ishida Issei, the scene of a “♡♡ date” with a beautiful woman 18 years younger than him in Kabukicho (delivered on January 27)

“Here you go. Present.”

“Oh, wow! Thanks!”

On a mid-January night in the middle of Kabukicho with a cold wind blowing, a man handed a bouquet of flowers to a beautiful woman in hot pants, who smiled happily. The man, wearing a surreal hoodie with the words “The city makes me sick,” was actor Ishida Issei, 48.

Ishida walks arm in arm with a beautiful woman through the streets crowded with hosts, cabaret girls, and toyo yoko kids. He is not in disguise, but no one notices him. There was even a scene where they stopped and looked up at the night sky in good humor along the way.

Ishida, known as the son of Junichi Ishida (69), appeared in dramas such as “Under One Roof” (’93) and “Minors” (’95), attracting attention with his neutral looks and outstanding acting ability. However, in 2001, he was arrested for violating the Marijuana Control Law, and a series of scandals involving women came to light, and his image as a “disturbed actor” became firmly established. In ’18, he married for the third time a woman 24 years younger than himself, who was 19 at the time, and moved to Ishikawa Prefecture. They divorced in ’21 because Ishida developed depression due to slander.

According to an acquaintance of Ishida’s, she “moved around Gunma and Aichi, and returned to Tokyo last spring. The woman at the beginning of this article is a new girlfriend that the lovesick man found immediately upon his return to Tokyo. We directly interviewed Ishida on a date.

–Ishida: “Mr. Issei, it’s Friday.”

Ishida “Yes! Thank you for your help.”

–Is the woman next to you your new girlfriend?

Ishida: “Yes, well (laughs).”

–She looks much younger than you, but what is her age?

Woman: “She is 30 years old.”

–Is it true that you prefer younger women?

Ishida “If I had to say, I would say so (laugh). (laugh) But it’s not about age, as long as she is a solid woman.”

–How did you meet?

Ishida: “We met through a mutual acquaintance at a bar in Shinjuku. It was around the end of last year. I thought she was my type the moment I saw her. She was a serious girl who worked for a company, and I was attracted to her solidity. I was drinking a lot of tequila and approached her desperately.

Woman: “I thought she was giggly (laughs). Today is our third date.”

Ishida: “I often send him ‘I love you’ on LINE.

–What kind of work have you been doing recently?

Ishida: “I have received several offers for movies and stage productions, and I am working as an actor. I am planning to expand my work to China and Vietnam in the future.”

–Do you plan to get married for the fourth time?

Ishida: “I am thinking about various things. I hope to get married and have children.

Woman: “I’m not that far yet (laughs).”

Talking openly, Ishida and the woman went into a nearby bar.

Ishida was taken care of all the way until his departure, with his luggage being carried and his shirt wrinkles being adjusted!

Ishida Issei has broken up and found love again! He declared his “fourth marriage” with a new girlfriend “12 years younger than him” (April 26).

How many “new lovers” has he had since his third divorce in December 2009?

Just after 12:00 noon on April 16, actor Ishida Issei (48) was spotted at Narita Airport. Next to him in the parking lot was a beautiful woman who looked like Fukada Kyoko. In January this year, this magazine had caught Ishida on a date with a beautiful woman 18 years younger than him in Kabukicho, Tokyo, but this time it was a different woman.

This time it was a different woman. The woman was taking care of Ishida at the airport, asking him if he had forgotten anything, and helping him to straighten his wrinkled T-shirt. The two women, snuggled up together, headed for the international departure lobby.

Issei is scheduled to appear in a number of movies and dramas in Asian countries this year, and in July he will begin shooting an action movie in Vietnam. He has always been fluent in English, but he wanted to perfect it before filming, so he decided to study English in Cebu Island in the Philippines,” said a source from Ishida’s office.

It seems that this beautiful woman came to see off Ishida who was leaving for Cebu Island. She took care of him while he was waiting in line at the check-in counter. She bought some medicine and hand wipes at a nearby drugstore, and then she twisted them into his bag one after another.

We hit up Ishida after he finished checking in to ask him about the relationship.

–Ishida: “Ishida-san, it’s Friday.”

Ishida Yes! It’s been a while.”

–Is the woman next to you your new girlfriend?

Ishida Yes. (I broke up with the previous girl (whom this magazine photographed) right away. We didn’t get along physically. I am sorry.”

According to Ishida, the new girlfriend is 36 years old, 12 years younger than him, and works as a manager at a restaurant in Tokyo. They met three months ago at a drinking party held by a mutual acquaintance.

–When did you start dating?

Ishida: “ A month ago……?”

Woman: “ What are you talking about! It was two months ago!”

–There were reports that you were dating several women at the same time.

Ishida : “ I guess it was taken that way when I said that I had many women with whom I was good friends. But if you are in a proper relationship, that is the only person you will see.

–What attracted you to her?

Ishida: “ She is not only beautiful, but she comes to my house every day and does all the cooking and cleaning. He even manages my schedule. At my age, it’s nice to be spoiled by a woman, isn’t it?

–How many girlfriends have you had, including three divorced women?

Ishida: “ This is my 10th girlfriend.”

–Ishida: “You seem to be popular, but don’t you worry about it?”

Woman “ (glaring at Ishida) I wish you would fix the part where you are too kind to other women.

–Do you plan to get married?”

Ishida “ As soon as she does. (while bowing his head and holding out his hand to her) Please take care of her!”

Woman: “ Well, I’ll think about it.”

After such an exchange, the departure time of the plane was approaching. Ishida said, “I will definitely make her happy,” and left for a one-week study abroad program in Cebu Island.

I have changed my mind.”

On April 27, Issei appeared on “Poka Poka” (Fuji TV) with his father, Junichi Ishida (69),

“Yes, of course. I have changed my mind. I’ve changed my mind. I’m thinking about it carefully because I’m dating a woman of a certain age,” he replied.

He replied, “Yes, of course, I’ve changed my mind. And from the woman, too,”

She said, “You have to marry me.”

I’m a butt,

I’m being groomed. After two or three months of dating, I’m in charge of everything,” he said.

His fourth marriage is good, but I hope he also achieves good results as an actor.

He was surprised by the magazine’s direct hit, but he also made a jokey remark, saying, “I like her solid and chirpy personality.” Ishida said, “I also have a desire to get married.”
Ishida Issei and a beautiful woman
Ishida Issei and a beautiful woman
In response to a direct question, Ishida laughed and said, “I’m completely laid back.” She said, “I won’t tell you why I like you because I’m embarrassed. Is the fact that she can’t leave well enough alone the secret to her popularity?”
Unpublished cut from this magazine Ishida Issei has broken up again and revealed his love affair with a woman 12 years younger than him! Declaring his fourth marriage to his new girlfriend, who is 12 years younger than him!
Unpublished cuts from this magazine Ishida Issei has broken up again and revealed his love affair! Declaring his fourth marriage to a new lover 12 years younger than himself
Unpublished cuts from this magazine Ishida Issei has broken up again and revealed his love affair! Declaring his fourth marriage to a new lover 12 years younger than himself
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