Miyuto Morita, formerly of the Japanese group “7ORDER,” leaves the group… Fans were astonished by the disturbing words of the remaining members. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Miyuto Morita, formerly of the Japanese group “7ORDER,” leaves the group… Fans were astonished by the disturbing words of the remaining members.

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7-artist group 7ORDER

Miyuto Morita of 7ORDER, a seven-member artist group, left the group on June 14. They used to belong to Johnny’s office, and were active in Love-tune, a unit within Johnny’s Jr. After leaving Johnny’s, they joined together to form 7ORDER, and have been a beacon of hope for fans of the “quitting Janis.” …… On the fourth anniversary of their formation, one member is missing.

Love-tune, a unit from Johnny’s, was launched in March 2004. The seven members, Morita, Abe Aran, Sanada Yuma, Nagatsuma Reo, Hagiya Keigo, Morohoshi Shoki, and Yasui Kentaro, attracted fans with their band-style performances as well as their singing and dancing. At the time, the group was expected to debut alongside SixTONES and Snow Man, who were still Jr.

On November 30, 2006, Johnny’s announced that all five members except Morita and Yasui would be leaving the group on the same day. Morita left the office on December 31, ’18, and Yasui on March 31, ’19. The six members who made a new start one step ahead of Yasui will appear together in the variety show “Ikedan MAX” (TOKYO MX), which will start in April ’19. When Yasui left Johnny’s, all former members of Love-tune reunited as 7ORDER on May 22. Since then, they have continued their music activities as well as their individual acting careers. The members also entered the 2.5 dimensional stage and gained new fans.

7ORDER had just celebrated its fourth anniversary and successfully completed a hall and arena tour “7ORDER LIVE TOUR 2023 DUAL” from April 9 to June 4 this year, and it seemed as if the group would continue on its current momentum, but on June 14, Morita suddenly left the group.

On their official website, Morita stated that after realizing his dream of a major label debut, he could not find “a next goal beyond that. She reported, “I felt that I could no longer be of help to the group as a member, so I have made the decision to withdraw from the group. He said that he had informed the members of his decision about two years ago, and they had been discussing it over and over.

As for the future, he declared, “While pursuing my own expressive activities, I would like to connect them with social activities, including support for the disabled, which I have wanted to do for a long time. While fans were upset by the sudden announcement, Abe’s meaningful words also became a topic of conversation.

Abe said, “Myuto-san, who has been fighting with me in the same group for more than 10 years, is leaving the group. I love him so much, and I will support him in his future life on my own,” he said, sending a cheer to Morita. “Our group ‘7ORDER,’ which started with seven members, is over in my mind. Thank you so much for spending your precious time with us until now. We have been able to stay together this long because you have been there,” he concluded his speech as if he were saying that the group was breaking up.

He concluded his speech as if the group was about to break up: “When we were in Johnny’s, Abe and Morita were both members of Travis Japan for a while. Both of them were also members of two other groups, but after each of them devoted themselves to Love-tune, they became friends again in 7ORDER after leaving Johnny’s. Morita’s presence must have been significant for Abe, as he recalls, “We have been fighting together in the same group for more than 10 years.

Abe has been opening his personal YouTube and fan club since last year, and there were glimpses of fear among fans that he might leave the group. For that reason,

Keng-arang’s comment at the time of Miyuto’s withdrawal was extremely frightening.
I feel like 7ORDER has come to an end, even within Kengaran-kun.
“I feel that even Kengaran has reached the end of his career with 7ORDER.

As of June 14, 7ORDER’s side explained, “Regarding the future of 7ORDER, the six members are currently exploring how to form a group without Miyuto Morita. Fans are watching with bated breath to see if Abe will also go his separate ways following Morita.

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