“Marriage,I’m already going to do it”, After the love hotel date with Eiji’s 15-years-younger girlfriend in “The Impossible” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

“Marriage,I’m already going to do it”, After the love hotel date with Eiji’s 15-years-younger girlfriend in “The Impossible”

The first half of the year 2011: A compilation of the "After" scoops on love affairs.

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Around 4:00 a.m., they left the love hotel and walked around Kabukicho in the early morning light, puffing on cigarettes. Eiji was touching her from beginning to end.

Eiji (39), who sadly overacted and made a comment in a lame voice in response to the overacting of Hiru-chan (37) of the comedy duo “Impossible,” who was always pushing himself with high tension, was simply upset by the direct hit from this magazine after their “love hotel” date. The following is a recap of the details based on the March 17 article (ages and titles in the article are current at the time of publication).

(boo hoo!)” Amateur love, I don’t care (laughs).”

When Hiroyuki Ariyoshi (48) said this while holding out an “X” sign, the four members of the comedy duo “Time Machine No. 3” and “Impossible” exclaimed, “Eek! and then they all fell down. On June 8, 2010, the four revealed on “Ariyoshi’s Wall” (NTV) that Eiji (39) of “Impossible” had a girlfriend. It was a story that they had put their backs into, but Ariyoshi brushed it off without a second thought.

About nine months after the broadcast, Eiji and a tall, beautiful woman resembling Minami Hamabe were spotted walking together in Shinjuku, where a spring breeze was blowing pleasantly. It was a little after 10:30 p.m., and as they came out of a convenience store in Kabukicho, Eiji gently put his hand around her waist. They looked at each other with moist eyes and disappeared to a love hotel.

I wondered if this was the girlfriend in question. I talked to Eiji after work.

–I asked Eiji, after work, “Good evening, sir. The other day, I saw you entering a love hotel with a woman.”

“Yes! Yes, I did. Ah, ah, ah, ah…”

–I was wondering what I should do if it was an unfaithful partner. Are you sure it was the girlfriend you mentioned in “Ariyoshi’s Wall”?

Also, it’s a different girl and …… another …….”

–What? How did you meet her?

‘It’s a variety of …… (mouthing off). We recently started dating and ……”

The other woman, apparently a 24-year-old former underground idol, is ……. The new love of Eiji, Ariyoshi is interested in this time?

Marriage…I’m already doing it.”

In April, the Impossible duo appeared on Chihara Jr.’s (49) YouTube channel, Chihara Jr. YouTube. Eiji, who sweats a lot, was sweating profusely right from the start of the show. Eiji explained the reason for this,

He explained, “The heat and humidity outside and the tension of talking with Junior-san made everything perfect, and my pores were gapping.”

Junior explained, “And that…,

Junior then added, “And that one… sweating more at a love hotel in Kabukicho…”

Junior explained, “And that one…at a love hotel in Kabukicho, sweating more”

He was upset, saying, “More pores…”

Eiji’s emotions exploded. Junior then asked about marriage,

I really want to get married. Marriage…I’m going to get married.

I’m going to get married,” he declared. Wiping away the perspiration that wouldn’t stop, he said, “Marriage is my goal,”

Marriage is my goal. I’ll be 39 by the time I’m 40.

I’ll be 39 by the time I’m 40,” he said. I’ll be back to interview him again when he decides to get married.

Eiji responding to an interview with this magazine. A comedian next to him, perhaps knowing the details of the situation, burst into laughter when he saw Eiji flinch.
  • PHOTO Tetsudo Takehiro, Masaaki Saito (direct hit)

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