Ryoko Sato, a famous educational mother who was “entangled” with Holliemon, Hiroyuki, and others, “offers increased” due to her outstanding individuality despite the flames. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ryoko Sato, a famous educational mother who was “entangled” with Holliemon, Hiroyuki, and others, “offers increased” due to her outstanding individuality despite the flames.

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Hiroyuki (left) and Holliemon (right) “shot down” Ryoko Sato, a “charismatic education mom,” about Chat GPT.

Charismatic educational mom” Ryoko Sato’s comments about “Chat GPT,” a revolutionary interactive AI technology, have come under fire.

The spearhead of the criticism is Takafumi Horie, a.k.a. Holliemon, Kenichiro Mogi, a brain scientist, and Hiroyuki Nishimura, a.k.a. “Hiroyuki.

It all started with a discussion program on “NewsPicks” published on April 12. The topic was “Chat GPT: Friend or Foe of Education,” and Mr. Sato, who has had four children, a boy and a girl, pass the third grade of science at Tokyo University, one of the most difficult in Japan, appeared on the show.

Ms. Sato commented on the use of chat GPT.

If it is to be used for education, it must be separated for up to 12 years old, middle and high school, university, and the general public. They should not be allowed to touch it. I want them to be brought up in the same analog way as before, and all tablets should be thrown away.

He went on to develop his own theory.

The above three people took offense to this, with Mr. Horie taking to his Facebook page and posting the following message

He is an idiot, isn’t he?

Horie took aim at them on his Facebook page, saying, “He’s an idiot, isn’t he?

He analyzed the situation, saying, “Well, I guess he doesn’t want AI to be able to easily pass the third grade of science at Tokyo University, which he is proud of his children.

He analyzed the situation.

Mogi agreed with Horie’s statement.

I totally agree with Horie. I totally agree with Holliemon, because entrance examinations in Japan are Race to the bottom.

He commented, “I totally agree with Horie-mon. Race to the bottom” means “race to the bottom. Mogi also commented on the Japanese entrance examinations in his blog

“You can’t acquire much critical thinking just because you passed the entrance exam in Japan,” he said.

In his blog, Mogi also commented on the Japanese entrance examinations, saying

Like the smartphone, a certain educational fossil class in Japan is very reluctant to use new technology. If that’s the case, I think they should just continue their education in the Edo period’s terakoya schools forever.

He criticized the school.

Hiroyuki, who always appears in these discussions, was not to be outdone. On Twitter, he wrote

According to recent research, there is a strong belief that the “talent to study hard” is also a genetic trait. Successful mothers who have succeeded in education may simply believe that their educational methods are meaningful, even though their children were born with excellent genes.

I would respect him if he taught in Adachi-ku and got all the students into Tokyo University,” he added.

Holliemon, Mogi, and Hiroyuki…they may not like being lumped together, but many people in the general public can sense the “same smell” from these three.

The three of them are also very different from each other. On the Internet, there are two types of opinions: those that are critical of Ms. Sato and those that sympathize with her.

Mr. Sato has always had a “flaming disposition. He is absolutely confident in his unique educational methods, which he has demonstrated on YouTube.

He believes that parents hold the key to their children’s academic ability and ability to pass entrance exams, and in the past, he once caused a firestorm by announcing a “love ban” for children similar to that of AKB48.

At that time, she went around putting out fires when her son was being treated as a “demon mother,” and sent out a message saying, “I am grateful to my mother. The children are much more mature than Ms. Sato, and I am sure they only think of the flames as ‘she did it again.

The fact that all four children were admitted to the University of Tokyo’s third year of science means that the family had that much money to invest in their children’s education. Anti-Japanese have long pointed out this point as well, saying, “In the end, it’s all about the parents’ mess.

A TV station official who observed the uproar said, “It’s good that he has a strong character.

The TV station staff who had observed the series of disturbances said, “It’s good that she has a strong character. There are fewer educational commentators with sharp tongues these days, so he will probably get more offers in the future. I think his interview with Hiroyuki will definitely be a hit.

I am sure that the interview with Hiroyuki will definitely generate buzz,” he said. I would certainly like to see a battle between the two. ……

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