A 57-year-old woman accused of abusing a man who had lost 36kg by feeding him cockroach legs…She faked that he was in his 30s. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A 57-year-old woman accused of abusing a man who had lost 36kg by feeding him cockroach legs…She faked that he was in his 30s.

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Selfies of Kobayashi, who registered on a matching app under the alias “Airi Fukuda,” and pretended to be in her thirties to meet several men.

She was abused as an outlet for her stress. She was cruel and despicable, and did not treat him as a human being.

The judge condemned the defendant’s conduct and sentenced him as requested.

On March 24, the Otsu District Court in Shiga Prefecture (presided over by Yasushi Hatayama) convicted Kumiko Kobayashi, 57, of inflicting injury and death, and sentenced her to 24 years in prison. In October 2007, Kobayashi assaulted Tatsuya Okada (then 25), who lived with her son (21). It is believed that Kobayashi assaulted Tatsuya Okada, then 25, who lived with his son, 21, in October 2007, and caused his death without giving him enough food.

The assault and abuse of Okada-san was horrific. The body was covered with bruises and broken bones in more than a dozen places. Shocking details were revealed at the trial, including that he fed her cockroach legs and that every three days she would eat rice with rotten miso soup. When he was taken to the hospital, Okada-san, who was 174 cm tall, weighed only about 36 kg, and the cause of death was septic shock.

In court, Kobayashi pretended to cry and said, ‘I never restricted my diet. The defense argued that there was no causal relationship between the assault and Okada’s death, and that the charge of manslaughter could not be established. However, the Otsu District Court ruled that ‘there was nothing to blame for the selfish motive or the circumstances,’ and sentenced him as requested.

FRIDAY” (December 18, 2008 issue) reported in detail on Kobayashi’s gruesome crime. We would like to reproduce the article and look back on the assault and abuse of Okada-san, who died a cruel death (some of the contents have been revised).

He made his relatives scream as he beat her. ……

The defendant Kobayashi was sent to the Otsu District Public Prosecutors Office for the murder of Ms. Okada. He had dyed part of his hair pink with a blonde base (PHOTO: Kyodo News)

Her blonde hair, which had grown out haphazardly, was damaged and spread out from the roots. Fake eyelashes were attached around her eyes, and the area around her eyes was painted black with eyeliner. The woman in the first “related image” is Kobayashi, who was arrested on November 25, 2008, on suspicion of murder. This is a picture she had registered on a dating matching application.

Kobayashi and Okada-san started living together in Shiga Prefecture around October 2006. At first, Okada-san worked as a laborer and gave his salary to Kobayashi-san.

However, when she quit her job in the spring of 2007, she began to receive violence from Kobayashi for not paying her living expenses. Kobayashi also called Okada-san’s brother while beating her and demanded money by making her scream,” said a reporter from the society department of a national newspaper.

Mr. A, who lives in Shiga Prefecture and knows the defendant Kobayashi, said, “I think it was a matching app that led to her meeting Okada-san.

My acquaintance met Kobayashi on a matching app. Kobayashi was using the app to scavenge for men all over Shiga Prefecture, and he was using the fake name ‘Airi Fukuda. She falsely claimed to be in her 30s, but it was obvious from her appearance that she was in her 50s. He had been living with his son B, who was arrested as an accomplice, since that time.

It was because of B that Mr. A’s acquaintance and defendant Kobayashi broke up.

One day, B had an accident in a car he was riding in with his friends. When the acquaintance blamed B for it, Kobayashi became upset. The relationship between the two angry acquaintances deteriorated, and they ended up breaking up with Kobayashi.

Fortunately, the incident did not escalate into an assault case, but it seems that Kobayashi had shown glimpses of brutality from this time on.

The residents of the neighborhood also complained about him constantly. The landlord of the apartment where the incident took place told this magazine, “The only reason he signed a contract for our apartment was because he was a victim of the crime.

I signed a contract for our apartment around 2003. I have never met him directly because I have a broker, but I have received several complaints from other residents about the noise from the motorcycle that B was riding.

Kobayashi would accumulate garbage in front of the room, so the sales representative called me several times. When I warned him, he would respond by saying amiably, ‘I’ll clean it up. But after a while, the garbage piled up again. …… It was a repetition.”

In addition to Okada-san, Kobayashi was also known to have assaulted several male roommates.

The house where the incident took place. Kobayashi’s room is outside where the trash is placed. This is where the victim also lived.
Kobayashi was often warned about the piles of trash in front of his room.
  • PHOTO Kei Kato Kyodo News

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