Too amazing…! Tokyo Auto Salon’s “8 Best Shots” of lustrous companions that even car fanatics were attracted to! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Too amazing…! Tokyo Auto Salon’s “8 Best Shots” of lustrous companions that even car fanatics were attracted to!

About 180,000 visitors, and the unveiling of the latest models from major companies drew a great deal of attention!

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Risaki Tokaibayashi is a race queen for TOM’S, a Toyota-approved tuning manufacturer. She is also active as a martial arts round girl.

Tokyo Auto Salon, one of the largest car festivals in Japan, was held at Makuhari Messe (Chiba Prefecture) from January 13 to 15. This year, the admission restrictions against Coronas were eased, and approximately 180,000 people, 50,000 more than last year, visited the show. The number of foreign tourists also increased, making the event a great success.

The two AE86s unveiled by TOYOTA attracted a lot of attention. TOYOTA’s unveiling of the two AE86s, which are popularly called “Hachi Roku” and have been upgraded with electric and hydrogen engines, reiterated the company’s commitment to promoting decarbonization. Other companies also presented their latest versions of popular models, such as the culmination of Nissan’s GT-R, to the delight of their fans,” said automotive journalist Kumiko Kato.

The colorful companions added a touch of glamour to these famous cars. Visitors were riveted by the sexy outfits and tight mini-skirts. The booth of Soft99 Corporation, a coating agent company, attracted the largest number of visitors. Behind a glass partition with water running through it, beautiful women danced and took off their clothes, finally putting on their swimsuits. The show, which resembled a striptease, attracted a great deal of attention.

This year, some of the girls prepared their own costumes and appeared guerrilla-style at the venue. We are happy to see the return of the energy that existed before Corona,” said an official from a parts manufacturer who exhibited at the show.

Many visitors were intoxicated by the ″sai-kyo″ companions.

Admission restrictions were relaxed and the number of companions increased from last year. The glossy costumes added color to the luxury cars.
Companions from overseas also participated. Ms. Shawnee, who looks good in a bodysuit, works as a model in Korea.
In front of a blue Lamborghini, a beautiful woman in a dress as gorgeous as the car. Her bosom peeking out from her outfit is dazzling too!
Current cosplayers active on TV and in magazines also participated. Kurea Kotoyu shows off a sexy costume with lots of skin tone!
We spotted Mei Nagahara (right), who has won the Japan Race Queen Award. When I pointed my camera at her, she responded with a smile.
Sitting in a luxury car and posing. Her décolleté peeking out from her revealing jacket and her legs peeking out from her mini-skirt are beautiful.
Some of the companions were dressed in extreme underwear-like outfits. They showed off their beautiful bodies as much as the glittering booths.

From the February 3, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

  • PHOTO Takero Yui, Hiroto Kato, Yoshiaki Maruyama (ARTPRO)

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