Kei and Mako Komuro passed the bar exam but are still “struggling alone” not fitting in with the Japanese American community in New York. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kei and Mako Komuro passed the bar exam but are still “struggling alone” not fitting in with the Japanese American community in New York.

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Kei Komuro is said to have been admitted to the New York State Bar. He and Mako have been living in the U.S. for over a year. ……

According to the past reports, Kei Komuro and his wife Mako have been seen as ‘living with the help of Japanese Americans in the US,’ but in reality, they are being ‘left out.

In reality, however, they are being ‘shunned’ by the Japanese Americans.

Speaking of Mr. Komuro, he passed the New York State bar exam last summer on his third attempt. He should be admitted to the bar in the state by the end of January, which means that he is now a member of the international bar.

The website of Lowenstein Sandler, the law firm where Mr. Komuro is currently working, still lists him as a legal assistant, but the description will soon be changed to something like “an attorney who is fluent in Japanese,” according to a women’s magazine reporter.

It was reported that the couple is planning a honeymoon trip to Brazil during the year-end and New Year holidays. ……

However, the couple has not yet been heard of “going on a honeymoon,” and it is hard to believe that they will carry out their plans under the current circumstances. So far, it is said that he earns about 6 million yen a year as a legal assistant. It is hard enough just to live in New York, where prices are high due to abnormal inflation, and he would not be able to afford to go on a trip. Rather, I wonder how he has been making ends meet and living on his money until now. ……

Moreover, if they really do go, since they are a former PRINCESS PRINCESS couple, there will be security concerns, so of course there will be security. The cost will come from taxpayers’ money, not to mention their expenses, so it is obvious that they will be subject to a storm of criticism once again. Moreover, it would not be interesting for them to think that Mr. Komuro, who has to concentrate on his work as a new lawyer, went to the U.S. for fun. ……

Although more than a year has passed since they came to the U.S., attention to the Komuro couple in Japan remains high. The two are bashed by the Japanese public no matter what they do, but the local residents of New York seem to be surprisingly “uninterested” in them.

The local paparazzi regularly take pictures of them shopping and walking together on the streets of New York City. But people living in the area pay little attention to them.

It has been widely reported that Ms. Komuro’s mother, Kayo, “wants to come to the U.S. and live with the couple,” probably because she can enjoy more “freedom” in New York than in Japan, where she has no private life. However, contrary to what is reported in Japan, the two have few “friends” to support them in their New York life.

The opposite is actually true. For example, there is a network of Japanese lawyers in the area, but it is taboo to mention Kei Komuro’s name within that group.

Indeed, the paparazzi have taken only two-shot photos of Mako and rarely any photos with a third person. We don’t know why, but there are no “Japanese allies” in the area. It may be that she doesn’t fit in with the Nikkei community. ……

It seems that the two are “struggling alone” in the U.S., just as they were in Japan. ……

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