Komuro Couple Seeks Ideal New Home After Vacating High-Rise Apartment, Have They Found It? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Komuro Couple Seeks Ideal New Home After Vacating High-Rise Apartment, Have They Found It?

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Kei Komuro (right) and Mako walk through Hell’s Kitchen in New York City in June ’22 (PHOTO: Dylan Travis/ABACA/ Kyodo News Images)

“Kei Komuro and Mako-san lived in a one-room apartment in the Hell’s Kitchen area of New York after moving to the United States in November 2021. They vacated the apartment last November.” (Imperial family journalist)

During the three years since moving to the US, Kei, who worked as a legal assistant at the law firm “Lowenstein Sandler,” passed the bar exam on his third attempt and became a lawyer, entering his second year.

“It seems that he was entrusted with a lot of work even from his first year as a lawyer. It’s said that he gained the trust of the firm and his income increased, reaching around 40 million yen.” (Same source)

During his time as a legal assistant, he earned about 6 million yen annually and lived in a room with a monthly rent of about 500,000 yen, so there may have been some relief in his lifestyle.

“It’s believed that once Kei began his work as a lawyer, the couple accelerated their search for a new residence. Among them, a detached house in the suburbs of New York worth about 200 million yen was considered a strong candidate, but it seems that negotiations ultimately didn’t go smoothly.” (Same source)

After the Komuro couple vacated the one-room apartment, they disappeared from the public eye, leading to reports of “Komuro couple’s disappearance” in the media. There were even rumors of them fleeing New York at one point, but it seems they are still staying in the area, continuing their work as lawyers. It was unlikely for someone with a lawyer’s qualification to operate outside of New York, but the rumors of them leaving the area might have been a result of rumors breeding rumors.

“We still don’t know where the couple is, but as a fundamental issue, they have faced problems regarding their residence. 

The motivation behind vacating the one-room apartment was not only to move to a better place with a decent income but also because they anticipated having a larger family and felt that an apartment complex would not be suitable for raising children. 

Children’s voices and such could be considered noise, potentially leading to litigation, which would be something they’d want to avoid, even if they’re not former royalty.” (Same source)

If they’re considering raising children, a detached house in the suburbs would be ideal, but considering Kei’s busy work schedule, a rental in the city center might be preferable. However, of course, each option has its pros and cons.

“There’s also speculation that they’re currently continuing their work from a temporary residence.” (Same source)

When will they find a new residence that meets the couple’s wishes?

  • PHOTO. Dylan Travis/ABACA/Kyodo News Images

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