Now he has lost even more weight… “I’ll be back! Why Masahiro Nakai, who is recuperating within the year, has not revealed his “true medical condition | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Now he has lost even more weight… “I’ll be back! Why Masahiro Nakai, who is recuperating within the year, has not revealed his “true medical condition

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Former SMAP member Masahiro Nakai has announced that he will be recovering from an illness within this year. Although there is growing concern about his condition…

I’ll be back!

Masahiro Nakai is said to have declared to TV people during his recuperation.

Nakai was hospitalized in July of this year due to acute appendicitis. Although he returned to work at one point, he announced on November 4 that he would be taking a one-month leave of absence.

At this point, some weekly magazines reported that he was seriously ill, and the entertainment world was in an uproar. According to a source at a TV station

People who saw Mr. Nakai just before he announced his leave of absence testified that he had lost a lot of weight. During the recording sessions, he spoke less than before. He seemed to be somehow ‘energetic.

The same is true of the other two.

On December 2, he extended his one-month leave of absence and reported that his activities would end by the end of the year. The medical condition of the patient has not been revealed, partly due to his own wishes.

On the 11th, he made a VTR appearance on “Masahiro Nakai’s Professional Baseball Rare Play Good Play Award” (Fuji TV), but many people were concerned about his chapped cheeks and thinning neckline. According to a source close to the program, Nakai went on the set just before the announcement of his leave of absence in November. Currently, he is

“He has lost even more weight,” the source said.

This only adds to the anxiety.

Still, Nakai is making efforts to recover his health, declaring his comeback at the beginning of this article. He is currently appearing on “The! Sekai Ohten News” (NTV), “Masahiro Nakai’s Friday Smile Tatsu” (TBS), and “Nakai Masahiro’s Casterly Society” (TV Asahi), all of which are regular programs, but all of the TV stations have decided to keep their programs on over the next year.

TBS in particular has always had a strong relationship with Mr. Nakai. There is a team within the station that adores Mr. Nakai and is ready to act immediately for him. The reason for Mr. Nakai’s phone-in to “Kinsuma” was at his request, and when the station heard his order, they immediately made arrangements for it.

Nakai is the leader of SMAP, a national idol group, and has been concerned about his so-called “appearance. When he decided to take a leave of absence, he stubbornly refused to explain his medical condition because he did not want to appear weak due to the image of his illness. A source who knows Nakai said, “He has been a top idol for many years and has given us a dream.

Nakai has given people dreams for many years as a top idol, so he shuns negative news with a sense of reality. In the past, when the SMAP members appeared together on “Laugh It Away! a member of the SMAP group told Shingo Katori that there had been several breakup crises in the past, and he was really angry at him on live TV, saying, “That’s no good.

In the end, the talk about the breakup crisis developed on the spot, but I think Nakai had a policy that he should refrain from using words that would make fans uneasy.

That is why Nakai has been making his presence felt through VTR and telephone appearances even during his absence; he had a surprise telephone conversation with Kazuya Ninomiya of Arashi fame on the “Kanesma” broadcast on the 2nd. Nakai was more energetic than expected, and Ninomiya said to him.

I’m alive, aren’t I?

to which Nakai replied.

When did I die?

to which Nakai replied, “When did I die?

I think he is trying to create a situation where he is resting but not resting. I think he is trying not to worry his fans more than necessary.

Some women’s magazines and other publications have been running unsettling headlines about Nakai’s recent situation. However, Nakai himself has been explaining to those around him that it is a “maintenance period” for his body, which he has overworked for the past 35 years since his debut in the entertainment industry.

She will come back. Fans can only wait and believe Nakai’s words…

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