Indecent assault on a high school girl in a parking lot…Teacher at a prestigious school “made a dumbfounded boast at a lecture”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Indecent assault on a high school girl in a parking lot…Teacher at a prestigious school “made a dumbfounded boast at a lecture”.

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A teacher at a prestigious school gave cash to a high school girl and committed an indecent act (photo doctored with image). (Image: Afro)

A deserted parking lot late at night. After handing over cash, the man rolled up the skirt of a girl sitting in the passenger seat. The indecent act lasted about 30 minutes.

On November 16, the Mobara Police Station of the Chiba Prefectural Police arrested Masayuki Kurita, 46, of Goi, Ichihara, on suspicion of violating the Child Prostitution and Pornography Law, for allegedly paying money to a teenage high school girl and committing lewd acts with her. Kurita was a teacher at a prestigious school.

He was in charge of the mathematics department at Ichihara Chuo High School, a private school, where he was in charge of the second grade class. The school’s deviation score is about 60, and it is known as one of the most advanced schools in central Chiba Prefecture. The school has produced students who have been accepted into national and public universities such as Hitotsubashi University, University of Tsukuba, and Chiba University, as well as other difficult universities such as Waseda, Sophia, and Tokyo University of Science. Kurita’s work attitude was serious and he was actively involved in extracurricular activities,” said an editor of an educational magazine.

In a dark place with no one around: ……

The indecent act against Ms. A, a high school girl, took place on June 29 this year. Kurita met up with Ms. A, whom he had met through SNS a few days earlier, at around 11:00 p.m. in the prefecture.

Kurita puts Ms. A in his car and searches for a dark place where no one is around. They ended up in a suburban parking lot. They met for the first time that day.

An acquaintance of Ms. A, who learned of the situation, consulted the police in July, and the incident was discovered. It seems that he was aware of the fact that Ms. A was a minor.

Kurita, whose parents are both teachers, started her life as a teacher at a girls’ high school in Chiba Prefecture after graduating from the College of Science and Technology of Nihon University. However, there were twists and turns after that.

According to what she told those around her, she quit her teaching job once because she “could not stand the gap between her ideals and reality and became stressed out both mentally and physically. He attended a culinary school and started working in a restaurant, but soon left because he could not keep up with the work. After working at a cram school, his interest in education grew again, and he took a teaching position at Ichihara Chuo High School,” the source said.

Kurita was a well-known figure in the education world.

He is the author of numerous books, including one on how to balance work and household chores for families with two working parents. In March 2009, he launched an educational channel on YouTube.

He is also a sought-after speaker. He calls himself a “professional teacher who teaches teachers. He is proud of his successful family of four, including his wife and children, and often boasts to those around him and those who attend his lectures: “If I had the know-how to put it into practice, I would be able to teach. He often boasted to those around him and those who attended his lectures, “With the know-how I practice, I can do well at work, at home, and in raising my children. With the know-how I practice, you will have more time to spend effectively and lead a fulfilling life.

Behind his spectacular career as a famous teacher, Kurita was engaged in lewd and lascivious acts with high school girls. The principal of Ichihara Chuo High School, Mr. Hidaka, said, “I am very surprised. I can’t express what I feel because something that should not have happened has happened. The police are investigating additional charges.

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