The “convincing reason” why the commercial industry loves her so much…Mio Imada’s “too cute twintail” photo makes you look twice. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The “convincing reason” why the commercial industry loves her so much…Mio Imada’s “too cute twintail” photo makes you look twice.

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15 companies used her for commercials in the first half of the year!
Imada appeared in twin-tail hair at the “Lottery” event.

At the event, Imada said that if she won 100 million yen, she would “travel across the U.S. in a luxury camping car. It is a distant dream for a successful girl. ……

Mio Imada (26) suddenly descended on Ginza in the early morning, which was crowded with businessmen on their way to work!

She was wearing a bright orange happi and twin-tails because she was after a lottery event, which she is known for in commercials.

She was with Narita Ryo (29) at an event to celebrate the release of “Halloween Jumbo Lottery Ticket” and “Halloween Jumbo Mini” from early this morning.

Imada is preparing to star in the October drama “Ichiban Sukina Hana” (Fuji Television), which will be her third consecutive drama appearance. She is popular with sponsors for her exposure in consecutive dramas, and has appeared in commercials for 15 companies in the first half of this year alone.

Imada’s strength is that she is supported by both men and women. Contrary to her glamorous and feminine appearance, her personality is masculine and unadorned. She has uploaded photos of herself with unkempt hair and without makeup on her Instagram, and in the documentary program “Seven Rules” (Fuji), she surprised everyone by saying casually, “I’ve had a boyfriend for a long time.

That kind of straightforward personality is popular with the ladies. She is also well-liked by fans of good-looking actors and Johnny’s, making her one of the easiest actresses for TV producers to offer as a partner.

The lottery ticket commercial probably used Imada, who is well known among the younger generation, as a countermeasure against the youth demographic. In fact, people are saying on the Internet, ‘I’m going to buy a lottery ticket because Mio Imada is cute.

When the cameraman called out to her, “Mio-chan,” she smiled despite her exhaustion!

We saw the bottom line of a candidate for the new queen of commercials.

MIZUMO IMADA, never before published in this magazine “Reason why she is loved by the CM industry” – MIZUMO IMADA
Mimau Imada, never before published in this magazine, is loved by the commercial industry for a “convincing reason.

From the October 13 and 20, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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