Kami Shiraishi Sisters, Minami Hamabe, Riko Fukumoto — The Four Toho Ace Infinite Beauties | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kami Shiraishi Sisters, Minami Hamabe, Riko Fukumoto — The Four Toho Ace Infinite Beauties

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After the presentation, Moeka Kamihiraishi (center) poses onstage with Minami Hamabe (left). The two, who are also classmates from the 7th audition, were evident of their close friendship.

“From the day I decided to apply to today, I have experienced many things, and I have come to this day with many different feelings. First of all, please be proud from the bottom of your heart that you are standing here now.”

Mone Kamihiraishi paid warm tribute to the finalists at the “TOHO CINDERELLA” audition and the “TOHO NEW FACE” audition’s 2022 Grand Prix presentation held in Tokyo on March 6.

The presenters that day were Moka Kamihiraishi (22), winner of the 7th “TOHO CINDERELLA” Grand Prix, Mone Kamihiraishi (24), winner of the 7th Special Jury Prize, Minami Hamabe (22), winner of the 7th New Generation Prize, and Riko Fukumoto (21), winner of the 8th Grand Prix. The stage was taken by popular actresses of the moment. It was a dream come true for the popular actresses of today and the next generation of star.

The four presenters were all dressed in black, perhaps to complement the finalists, as they were the stars of the evening. Mone in a cute one-piece dress, Moka in a cool and cute pants style, Hamabe in a gorgeous transparent material and lace, and Fukumoto in an elegant skin-showing design, each of the four radiated the radiance of an adult woman.

“Toho Cinderella” auditions began in 1984. This year was the ninth time in six years that the audition was held as part of Toho’s 90th anniversary project, and the return of the “TOHO NEW FACE” male category for the first time in 54 years also attracted attention.

Fukumoto, who won the grand prix in the previous audition, beamed onstage and commented, “Six years ago I was just a high school girl, and now, after all this time, I am so honored to be here as a presenter.” The grand prize winner of the TOHO NEW FACE competition, 11-year-old Koe Odani, was presented with a crimson cape, the symbol of the grand prize, with a smile on her face.

Hamabe took the stage as the presenter of the TOHO CINDERELLA Special Jury Prize. She said, “One of the words that left an impression on me when I joined the office was, ‘When you are trying your best at something, please be the kind of person who can push me to do my best. I hope that all of you will become such a person. I support you from the bottom of my heart!” She gave a strong encouragement to the winners.

The presenter of the Grand Prix was Moeka Kamihiraishi. Moka, who won the 7th Grand Prix at the youngest age of 10 at the time, praised the finalists on stage , saying, “I hope I was not so imposing when I was watching everyone standing on stage.” The 9th Grand Prix winner, Noai Shirayama (age 10), was handed a pair of glass slipper and showed a big smile.

Actresses from Toho Cinderella are very active in movies and TV dramas, including Hamabe, who will be the heroine in NHK’s first season morning drama “Ranman” in 2023. Fans can’t take their eyes off of their beauties!

Moeka Kamihiraishi presents a glass slipper to Noa Shirayama (left), the winner of the 9th Toho Cinderella Grand Prix. She bent down all the way down to look at the 10-year-old Ms. Shirayama, showing great attention to detail.
Moe Kamihiraishi at the “TOHO CINDERELLA” & “TOHO NEW FACE” Audition 2022 Grand Prix Presentation
Moe Kamihiraishi was the presenter. She smiled warmly at the finalists on stage and gave them generous compliments, saying, “They are really cute, all of them are so shining! She gave generous compliments to the finalists on stage.”
Mone Kamihiraishi at the “TOHO CINDERELLA” and “TOHO NEW FACE” audition 2022 Grand Prix presentation.
Minami Hamabe was the presenter. She was beaming from start to finish, and even had a fun time laughing with Moe Kamihiraishi during a photo shoot after her big role.
Minami Hamabe at the “TOHO CINDERELLA” and “TOHO NEW FACE” Audition 2022 Grand Prix Presentation
Riko Fukumoto is the youngest of the four presenters. She may have been nervous about her big role, but she looked very primitive in her comments, but her mature dress gave off an elegant vibe.
Riko Fukumoto “TOHO CINDERELLA” & “TOHO NEW FACE” Audition 2022 Grand Prix Presentation
TOHO CINDERELLA” & “TOHO NEW FACE” Audition 2022 Grand Prix Presentation
  • Photographed by Kazuhiko Nakamura

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