Aya Ueto, Moeka Kamihiraishi, Yui Aragaki… when those beauties were one-day police chiefs! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Aya Ueto, Moeka Kamihiraishi, Yui Aragaki… when those beauties were one-day police chiefs!

Spring Traffic Safety Campaign starts in May!

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Yui Aragaki (34)
17-year-old Gakki, with her first smile before her breakthrough.

In March ’06, she served as chief for a day at the Kojimachi Fire Station. In the same year, the commercial for “Pocky,” which triggered her breakthrough, was aired and was talked about as too cute. It was the catalyst for her becoming a major actress.

The season of “the most glamorous event” held by the police department has come again this year. The National Traffic Safety Campaign is held every year in spring and fall. The National Police Agency, the Cabinet Office, and other ministries, agencies, and local governments appeal for traffic safety, the eradication of special fraud, and community safety. One of the main attractions of the campaign is the “one-day chief of police,” in which actresses and female TV announcers show off their extremely rare uniforms. Entertainment reporter Takayuki Jyoshita explains.

The “Chief for a Day” is usually someone who is familiar and well known to the public. People with local connections or who have played female police officers in TV dramas or movies also tend to be chosen. Yō Yoshida, who starred in the drama “Cold Case 2: The Door of Truth” (WOWOW), which aired in 2006 and was a tie-up with the Kanagawa Prefectural Police, served as chief for a day at the Tobe Police Station in the same prefecture. In addition to the police, the fire department and tax office also hold events.’ Yui Aragaki, who was the face of the ‘Fire Prevention Poster for the Spring Fire Prevention Campaign’ in 2006, was chief for a day at the Kojimachi Fire Station in Tokyo.’

Serving as chief for a day has its advantages for those who are appointed.

Ugaki Misato became a one-day fire chief in 2006, which helped her gain a good reputation, and the following year she became a freelance firefighter. The following year, she became a freelance police officer. She has been expanding her field of activities by taking on the challenges of gravure and writing movie columns. Unlike ordinary companies, the police and fire departments do not pay her a large sum of money. Even so, many celebrities run for office because it improves their image,” says a source in the entertainment industry.

Aya Ueto and Moeka Kamihiraishi. These actresses, who are now sought after for TV dramas and movies, also experienced being a one-day police chief and have grown up to be major actresses.

Yuka Ebihara (29)

Fuji Television’s Yuka Ebihara became chief for a day at the Mita Police Station of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and showed off her smooth, beautiful legs. In 2010, she served as chief for a day at the Atago Police Station (in the May 11-18, ’18 issue).

Erina Arai (33)

Freelance announcer Arai served as chief for a day at the Omiya Police Station of the Saitama Prefectural Police. She delivered a 3-minute speech without a written introduction and charmed the audience with a big smile (in the December 24, ’21 issue).

Misato Ugaki (32)

Ugaki, then a TBS announcer, who was appointed chief of the Mita Police Station of the Metropolitan Police Department for a day, urged the audience to “be mindful to check your surroundings again before crossing the street or starting your car” (as featured in the October 19, ’18 issue).

Atsuko Maeda (31)

Over 1,000 fans rushed to the Akasaka Police Station of the Metropolitan Police Department to catch a glimpse of Atsuko Maeda as chief of police. “Get back on the sidewalk! Don’t push me! were heard from the police officers (April 30, 2010 issue).

Aya Ueto (37)

Aya Ueto participated in the 28th Traffic Safety Fair as a one-day traffic safety ambassador. She held her legs and was in full guard posture, but she wore a smile.

Moeka Kamihiraishi (23)

Kamihiraishi, who played a student at the police academy in “Kyobo II” (Fuji Television Network), served as chief of the Tokyo Wangan Police Station of the Metropolitan Police Department for a day in April 2009. She distributed reflective materials and flyers to prevent accidents.

Yō Yoshida

In October ’12, Yoshida, who appeared in NHK’s television series “Jun to Ai” as a beautiful demon instructor, became chief of the Osaka Prefectural Police’s Minami Police Station for a day. She gave words of encouragement to three police officers working at a police box.

From the May 5, 2023 issue of “FRIDAY

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