Becoming a mom at 23? Moka Kamihiraishi’s “Healing Baby Cuddle” shown on location for the final episode of “Pending Train”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Becoming a mom at 23? Moka Kamihiraishi’s “Healing Baby Cuddle” shown on location for the final episode of “Pending Train”.

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Moka Kamihiraishi’s motherly figure shown on location for “Pending Train” in mid-June.

People running and running away from each other with big bags in the square in front of the station. On a bench in the middle of them, a woman holding a baby to her chest and smiling lovingly is Moeka Kamihiraishi (23).

In mid-June, a location shoot for the final episode of the April drama “Pending Train – 8:23, Tomorrow With You” (TBS) was taking place in the plaza in front of Rokucho Station on the Tsukuba Express train (Adachi-ku, Tokyo). The drama depicts a group of passengers on the same train who cross time and space, live hard in a world where civilization has disappeared, and try to return to their original world. Kamihiraishi played the role of Sae Hatano, a high school physical education teacher.

She plays Sae, a high school teacher who strives desperately to escape every day, and in the future she is a woman who inspires her passengers and lives hard. The role fits Kamihiraishi’s character perfectly, and the filming was quite hard, with running around in the virgin forest and climbing a sand hill.

The scene being filmed on that day was that Sae was holding the baby that Koharu Sato, a high school girl played by Kataoka Butei (19), had given birth to in her arms and was meeting up with Koharu to escape overseas, but it was quite hot and humid with the temperature at 26 degrees Celsius. Since the setting was midwinter, Kamihiraishi was dressed heavily in a coat and scarf. During the scene, a staff member held up a large umbrella to protect Kamihakuishi and her baby from the strong sunlight.

Even so, Kamihiraishi did not seem to mind the heat at all. She never took her eyes off the baby she was carrying on her chest, saying a few words, smiling, and trying hard to make the baby laugh. She was just like a mother, and it was so comforting to watch.

On June 21, Kamihiraishi updated her Instagram. She showed off her blonde hair,

I bleached my hair for the first time in my life to become Eiko. When I looked in the mirror for the first time, I let out a “Yay” and from that moment on, I have good vibes flowing through my body. I love Eiko with all my might. Please look forward to the drama “Paripi Komei.

The internet went crazy at the sight of Eiko. The internet was impressed by her appearance,

She looks elegant even with blonde hair,” “Totally different atmosphere! She’s so cute!

and “She’s so cute! The motherly Kamihiraishi was great, but I’m really looking forward to seeing her in a gyaru style.

A scene from a location production
Wataru Hinata, 19, a fast-rising actor, dressed as a high school student.
He appears to be having some kind of conversation with the baby.
The kind look she gives the baby is just like a mother’s.
Kamihiraishi, who changed her image for the drama “Paripi Komei” (Fuji TV) scheduled to air in the fall of 2011 (from Moeka Kamihiraishi’s Instagram @moka______k)
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