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Ma Dong-suk: “Surprisingly Criticism-Free” Loving Power Despite 17-Year Age Difference in Marriage

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Actor Ma Dong-seok, popularly known by his nickname Mabry (coined from Ma Dong-seok + Lovely). His signing an agent contract with Japan’s LDH JAPAN has also made headlines. Photo: Reuters/Afro

Actor Ma Dong-suk (51), known for his roles in “New Infections: Final Express” and “Crime City,” married TV personality Ye Jung-hwa (34) last year.

It attracted attention when Dong-suk called Jung-hwa “wife” during his acceptance speech at the “12th Beautiful Artist Awards” held in Seoul, Korea, on October 20, and his agency BIG PUNCH Entertainment later officially announced that they became a couple by submitting their marriage certificate last year. Due to their busy schedules, they have not had a wedding ceremony.

Columnist Aiko Kodama, an expert on Korean entertainment, commented on their relationship and the announcement of their marriage.

Ma Dong-seok, aka “Mabry,” and Ye Jung-hwa are senior and junior members of the same agency. Jung-hwa has said on TV that they developed a close friendship while training at the gym in the office, which led to their relationship.

Mabry was a gym trainer and bodybuilder before becoming an actor, and Jung-wha started her career as a health trainer, so their common interests brought them together. The relationship was first discovered in ’16, and they have been recognized as an “open couple” in Korea ever since.

Jung-hwa is a beautiful and stylish woman who appeared on a variety show called “My Little Television,” but her fame as a TV personality is not nearly as high as Mabry’s. After their relationship was discovered, they began making appearances on TV. After the relationship was discovered, her TV appearances and other exposure seemed to have decreased, and she may have been devoted to supporting Mabry,” said Kodama.

Mabry has praised and thanked Jung-hwa for her wonderful qualities in various places, including TV programs and speeches at film festivals.

The announcement of their marriage after six years of dating has been greeted with congratulations on Korean social networking sites, but in fact this is a rare case.

Korea is very strict about age-different couples.” Singer IU and Jang Ki-ha, who declared their relationship in 2003, were heavily bashed because of their 11-year age difference. Although it has become somewhat more tolerant than in the past, there is still a strong dislike of couples or couples who are too old for each other.

In Mabry’s case, however, despite the 17-year age difference, there was surprisingly little criticism when the relationship was discovered.

The episode “Jung-hwa’s mother is three years older than Mabry’s and Mabry calls her ‘big sister'” is told as a funny story, but this would not have happened if it were any other actor. He could have been accused of more. I think it shows how well liked and loved he is in Korea.

Despite his strong and tough appearance, Mabry is known for his charming episodes, such as the time when he dances to cover up an NG during a photo shoot. He has been featured in various commercials for sweets, cosmetics, and other products, and is so loved that his relationship with a beautiful woman 17 years younger than him is not a problem at all.

I think the reason he refrained from announcing his marriage was partly because of the COVID-19 crisis, but I suspect it had something to do with the movie he appeared in, “Eternals” (’21). Since she was selected as a main cast member of a Hollywood movie and a Marvel movie, Mabry may have taken care not to affect the publicity of the movie.

Mabry is scheduled to visit Japan in conjunction with the Japanese release of the movie “Crime City: The Roundup. The surprise announcement of the film is another proof of how “beloved” the character is, and it seems that his popularity in Japan will continue to increase in the future.

At the world premiere of “Eternals. Director Chloe Jiao (left) and Ma Dong-suk Photo: AP/Afro
Ye Jung-hwa originally worked as a fitness trainer. She shows off her stunningly beautiful style on Instagram (from her Instagram @yejunghwa).
Ye Jung-hwa is holding a soft-serve ice cream from “Baekmido,” a popular Korean ice cream shop (from her Instagram @yejunghwa).
Jung-hwa is active in a variety of sports, including golf, surfing, cycling, snowboarding, and basketball. She seems to be quite an athletic person (from her Instagram @yejunghwa).
Jung-hwa Ye (from her Instagram @yejunghwa)
Ye Jung Hwa (from her Instagram @yejunghwa)
Ye Jung Hwa (from her Instagram @yejunghwa)
Ms. Ye Jung-hwa (from her Instagram @yejunghwa)
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