Korean Wave Actor Ma Dong-seok’s Charming Debut in Japan with 17-Year-Younger Beautiful Wife, Surrounded by Fans After Enjoying Yakiniku | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Korean Wave Actor Ma Dong-seok’s Charming Debut in Japan with 17-Year-Younger Beautiful Wife, Surrounded by Fans After Enjoying Yakiniku

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Mr. and Mrs. Ma Dong-suk smile at fans

In mid-February, a crowd gathered in a corner of the dining district in Hibiya, Tokyo. Among the people holding autograph boards and seeking signatures was a smiling woman. Standing next to her was a giant man with a bodybuilder-like upper body. At first glance, he appeared to be the woman’s bodyguard, but that man is none other than Ma Dong-seok (52), the most popular actor in Korea.

On the same day, Ma Dong-seok made his first visit to Japan with his wife, Ye Jung-hwa (35), a Korean wave talent who is 17 years younger than him, for the Japanese premiere promotion of the movie “The Roundup: NO WAY OUT,” released in 2022.

The action movie “The Roundup,” featuring Ma Dong-seok as the “monster detective” Ma Sok-to, who defeats villains with his bare fists, was a huge hit. This is the third installment in the series, but in Korea, it achieved the remarkable feat of attracting over 10 million viewers in just about a month after its release. The fourth installment is already completed and has been nominated for the Berlinale Special Gala section of the 74th Berlin International Film Festival.


“Ma Dong-seok is said to be a giant of 178cm and 100kg, known as the toughest actor in the Korean wave. He is of Korean-American descent and, after studying physical education at university, transitioned from bodybuilding to becoming a trainer for mixed martial artists before pursuing a career as a musical actor. Since 2002, when he started working as a movie actor in earnest in Korea, he quickly rose to the top with action films like the ‘The Roundup’ series and ‘The Bad Guys,’ which deal with Korean crime organizations.

In 2020, he made a successful debut in Hollywood with ‘Eternals.’ Not just a tough guy, he is also skilled in comedic acting, earning him the affectionate nickname ‘Mably,’ a combination of ‘Ma’ and ‘Lovely,’ in Korea.” (Movie magazine editor)

He clinched the top spot in the ranking of “Movie Actors Who Shone in 2023,” selected by the public opinion research company “Korean Gallup.” Even among Japanese female fans who initially started watching Korean dramas for handsome actors, many are unwittingly falling for his charm.

His first visit to Japan was announced by his agency on the same day. With an event scheduled for the next day, on this day, they visited a yakiniku restaurant from their hotel, but ardent fans, utilizing social media, managed to track down his whereabouts and awaited him outside the restaurant. In response to their warm welcome, the two of them expressed their gratitude in fluent Japanese, courteously interacting with each person

The day when he’ll be called “Mably!” in Japan is drawing near.

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Ma Dong-Seok with his wife Ye Jung-hwa, who is 17 years younger than him and whom he married in 2022, on his first visit to Japan.
Ye Jung-hwa is a minor celebrity in Japan, but she was surrounded by fans and signed autographs.
Ma Dong-Seokk reporting on his first visit to Japan (from his Instagram @donlee)
A photo of her post that got a lot of attention as cute (from her Instagram @donlee)

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