Yu Abiru vs. Kizaemon Saiga: “He also left his daughter behind…” Revelation further intensifies | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yu Abiru vs. Kizaemon Saiga: “He also left his daughter behind…” Revelation further intensifies

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Yuu Abiru and her ex-husband Kizaemon Saiga in their friendly days. We had no idea that it would develop into the “exposure battle” that it is today… (2002)

The battle between TV personality Yu Abiru and her ex-husband, martial artist Kizaemon Saiga, continues.

The two married in ’14 but divorced at the end of ’19. At that time, a custody battle over their eldest daughter, A, erupted.

Currently, their eldest daughter is growing up in the home of Saiga and her new partner, but Abiru, who was not satisfied with the situation, filed a petition for mediation in 2008, requesting a change of custody and handover of the child to her new partner.

The Tokyo Family Court decided to change custody to Abiru in February of last year. In April of the same year, the Tokyo High Court rejected Saiga’s appeal, and the change of custody became final. Even so, Abiru has been unable to live with the child because of the child’s refusal.

Initially, there was sympathy for Abiru, but the tide turned in the middle of last month.

Josei Seven” reported that during the mediation, Abiru had secretly given birth to their second child (a second daughter). The father was not disclosed, and the child was not registered. The second child is said to have been left at her parents’ home, not at Abiru’s who works in Tokyo.

She said, “She wanted to live with her first daughter so badly, but she did not live with her second daughter, who had just been born. She even hid the birth itself from me. Even though there were special circumstances, from an outsider’s point of view, one would feel sorry for the second daughter and wonder if she could live with the first daughter in such a state of mind.

Now that the discovery of the secret birth has cast doubt on Abiru’s previous claims, the world’s reaction, regardless of the legality of the matter, is leaning toward Saiga’s side of the story. However, Abiru has not given up on living with her eldest daughter.

The court has officially recognized that Abiru has parental rights,” she said. From a legal interpretation, the current situation is ‘illegal abduction.

Even after the birth of her second child, Abiru continues to take selfies and other “normal operations” on her Instagram, but this is only on the surface.

Saiga has been updating his blog every day, occasionally mentioning “bad things” that have nothing to do with the main line of his talks.

Recently, Saiga expressed her anger over the “death” of a 3-year-old child who was left on a bus at Kawasaki Kindergarten, a certified childcare center in Makinohara City, Shizuoka Prefecture. In his blog, he wrote

I don’t think this kindergarten is worth it. I think you should catch people who leave their children alone at home, like in the U.S. They are not qualified to raise children.

I’m not qualified to raise a child,” he raged. In response to a reader’s question, he added

I’ve had the experience of coming home to find my child left alone, and it makes me even more angry because I’ve had several shaken experiences. If it had been someone I cared about, I would never have made such a mistake.

I think that if it had been someone I cared about, I would never have made such a mistake. Saiga has a child with his ex-wife before Abiru.

There is no detailed mention of when the “child was left alone” situation occurred, but the Internet has half-established the fact that it was Abiru who was reported to have been a night owl during their marriage. There is a sense that Ms. Saiga is also aware of the spread of the halation and is posting about it. As long as this continues, the “behind-the-scenes battle” with Abiru will only get more heated.

Hopefully, for the sake of their daughters, they will be able to find a peaceful settlement…

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