Kizaemon Saiga, a martial arts fighter, will be tested in Breaking Down. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kizaemon Saiga, a martial arts fighter, will be tested in Breaking Down.

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Kizaemon Saiga shows confidence in “Breaking Down

Martial artist Kizaemon Saiga, 34, will be fighting for the first time in a while.

He will return to the ring for the first time in two years at “Breaking Down 10” on November 23. Saiga’s fans are looking forward to seeing him fight, but the martial arts world is divided on the issue.

Breaking Down” is an amateur event. Even if he wins this fight, it’s hard to evaluate him. Some people in the martial arts world are wondering if he has any intention of returning to the stage of professional fighters.

However, Saiga seems to be oblivious to such comments,

“Bullying the weak and making a living, the best.

Saiga, however, seems to be oblivious to such comments, writing on X. This was nothing more than a pre-fight “rallying cry” peculiar to martial artists, but the social networking sites responded to this,

He’s fallen as far as he can fall.

The post was met with a firestorm of comments on social networking sites, many of which made fun of him. Saiga, however, says that this was not a surprise to him.

He has been active in RIZIN since the early days of the organization, and his sweet mask and star power made him very popular. Thanks to that, he got a lot of sponsors and support, but it became increasingly difficult for him to win matches. The main reason for this was that he had a series of troubles in his private life.

Saiga divorced Yuu Abiru (37) in 2007. Initially, Saiga had custody of the daughter born to them, but the case went to court, and it was reported that the custody was changed to Abiru in 2009. However, the daughter is still living with Saika, and the dispute over the child has not been settled, as Abiru has criticized her on SNS.

In October last year, a boy was born to a woman with whom he was in a de facto marriage, but she left this spring, taking her son with her, and the de facto marriage was dissolved in July; in October, she revealed on her YouTube page that she had been the victim of domestic violence by Saika. One would think that after so much trouble, Saika would be in a state of depression, but that is not the case.

Saika seems to be venting her various troubles in her personal life by posting them on social networking sites. Although she does “burst into flames,” she also earns money in her own way. I think it is a way to motivate herself in her own way.

Saiga appeared on the “Breaking Down” audition program on YouTube, and Junji Urita, a member of the panel of judges, asked Saiga, “Your private life is often on Yahoo!

When asked by Mr. Junji Urita, a member of the judging panel, “You’re always on Yahoo! News about your private life.

Saiga, who appeared on the “Yahoo! News” program, was asked by Junji Urita, a member of the panel of judges, if he was doing all right,

He laughed and said, “That’s the hard part. That’s the hard part. But I decided to do it so that I can finally concentrate on my martial arts.

I decided to do this so that I can finally concentrate on martial arts,” he said happily.

But no matter how popular you are, a fighter is nothing if he doesn’t win. If you can no longer make money as a professional fighter, you have to find other sources of income. Since I am competing in “Breaking Down” as a professional fighter, it is a matter of course that I will win. If he loses, there will be nothing left.

Saiga said in an interview with this magazine,

I will definitely win in ‘Breaking Down. I’ll probably start the fight right out of the gate. I’m aiming for a KO by striking him in the face with a right hand.

He expressed his confidence, saying, “I’m going to aim for a KO with a right hand to the face. All eyes are on him.

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