Popular Voice Actor Shinichiro Kamio – Loves and Lives with an Underground Idol 15 Years Younger Than Him! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Popular Voice Actor Shinichiro Kamio – Loves and Lives with an Underground Idol 15 Years Younger Than Him!

Shinichiro Kamio, a popular voice actor who has appeared in "Ansamburu Stars! Hypnosis Mike" and "Nihongo de Asobo", is in the midst of a serious relationship with a beautiful girl he met at a blind date.

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The two walk together at dusk in early April. Her parents are in favor of their relationship.

In early April, at dusk, reminiscent of early summer, a man emerged from an alley in a Tokyo building district. He was Shinichiro Kamio (40), a voice actor with clear-cut eyes and silver hair.

Kamio has worked on the anime “The Promised Neverland,” “Blue Period,” “Ansamburu Stars! and “Hypnosis Mike”. He is also a popular voice actor with a wide age range of fans, narrating NHK’s “The World is Full of Things I Want” and facilitating the magic corner of “Nihongo de Asobo” (Let’s Play in Japanese), among others.

Kamio leaves the alley and begins to cross the street. As he walks, he is a little concerned about his surroundings, and a slender, beautiful woman is by his side. She was holding a take-out paper bag from a fast food restaurant in her hand, as if they had just finished a meal together. The woman snuggled close to him the entire time, and they disappeared into a nearby high-rise apartment building.

‘I often see what appears to be a young wife going out the back door to work. I thought they were newlyweds. ……” (apartment resident)

Another day, this time she is the only one who leaves the house at a quick pace. Who is this woman who always leaves through the back door of her apartment building, perhaps out of concern for her surroundings?

She is a member of the underground idol group “CALL MY NAME. She is Chihiro Ishihara, 25, a member of the underground idol group “CALL MY NAME. The group just started in August 2009, but Ishihara has been active as a voice actor idol since 2005 and is a big anime fan herself. I heard that Ishihara fell in love at first sight with Kamio, a famous voice actor, at a blind date held for young voice actors,” said a source from a record company.

After two years of dating, they started living together in Kamio’s apartment last year.

Ishihara-san likes cats and has two cats in the house where they live, and sometimes there is cat hair on Kamio-san’s clothes (laughs). The two also often go to Ginza on dates. The other day, for Ishihara’s birthday celebration, Kamio reserved a restaurant in Ginza and escorted her there,” (Kamio’s acquaintance).

When FRIDAY confirmed the fact of their relationship with Ishihara’s office, they replied, “We heard that she is one of his good friends. Kamio’s office also responded, “We leave his private life to him.

On the radio broadcast on April 13, Kamio happily mentioned that he had had his marriage forecast by a fortune teller as part of a program project. Will the day soon come when Kamio and Ishihara, a couple 15 years apart in age, will finally reach the goal they have longed for?

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From the May 6 and 13, 2022 issues of “FRIDAY

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