Why did Kento Hayashi show up at “Ekichikaramen” in Kawasaki City early in the morning? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Why did Kento Hayashi show up at “Ekichikaramen” in Kawasaki City early in the morning?

News on the scene FRIDAY Eyewitness! Harikomi24 <Kawasaki, 8:55 a.m.>.

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Hayashi takes off his mask just before the filming and looks serious. He and Taiga Nakano are also starring in the film

In late July, a morning crowd had gathered at a ramen restaurant near a station in Kawasaki City. At the center of the circle were Kento Hayashi (31) and Tasuku Emoto (35). They appeared to be filming for the drama “Hatsukoi no Devil” (Nippon Television Network Corporation), in which they are both starring. In this scene, a male customer suddenly collapses, and Hayashi and Emoto are standing there watching him.

The film is a mystery comedy with a script by Yuji Sakamoto. Hayashi plays a detective who is a mystery maniac who has been suspended from his job, and Emoto plays a hard-nosed police department accounting department employee.

Speaking of Hayashi, his wife Yuko Oshima (33) has just announced her pregnancy. On this day, when he was away from the camera, he looked restless and wandered around in the shade of a tree near the crime scene, perhaps because he was thinking about the new life. ……

Hayashi was careful not to let her relationship with Oshima be known until they were married. Until the announcement, Hayashi did not seem to reveal Oshima’s pregnancy to the public, so as not to let anyone know about it until she entered the stable period.

Hayashi will become a father this winter. Hayashi, who will become a father this winter, will have more things to protect and is likely to make even greater strides in his career.

Unpublished photo of Hayashi Kento during the filming of a drama in Kawasaki.

From the September 2, 2022 issue of “FRIDAY

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