Zagitova, the fairy on the ice, is praised by the world for her sky blue leotard | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Zagitova, the fairy on the ice, is praised by the world for her sky blue leotard

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Zagitova, the Russian fairy. She is currently away from competition for a recharging period (Image: Kyodo News)

A woman is smiling gently on the rink. In her hand is a large bouquet of flowers. From her sky blue leotard, her beautiful legs, wrapped in stockings, stretch out.

Alina Zagitova (19, Russia), the gold medalist in women’s figure skating at the 2006 PyeongChang Olympics in South Korea, updated her Instagram by September 30. In the picture she posted, she is wearing a bright blue leotard. The photo must have been taken after a workout, because it received nearly 90,000 “likes. It was a photo of her in a bright blue leotard.

“It’s the Queen! She looks great in her costume on the ice.

“She looks like a fairy. “She looks like a fairy, fantastic beauty.

“I couldn’t stop looking at it. ……”

Zagitova frequently updates her Instagram with attractive images to the delight of her fans. In August of this year, she posed in a deformed leotard and shorts with an empty stomach. She also showed off her blue swimsuit at a spa resort in Russia, where she visited with her family. Every time a new image is uploaded, the Instagram is flooded with comments of praise.

She gave up figure skating at one time.

Zagitova is known for her glamorous image, but in her childhood, she struggled to develop as an athlete.

“At the age of 12, she tried to study under Eteri Toutobelize, a famous figure skater who had trained many famous athletes, but she couldn’t fly the triple jump and gave up figure skating. She tried again the following year and finally got her start. However, he was given up after three months because “he couldn’t practice voluntarily.

Injuries took their toll on her, and she decided to give up and return to her hometown. When he went to Tutoberise to say hello, he was given a chance to “try one more time. He gave her a chance and she persevered through the rigorous training and grew up to win gold medals at the Olympics and the World Championships,” said a sports journalist.

She is also known to be a big fan of Japan.

She is also known to be a big fan of Japan. “She is good friends with Japanese athletes such as Yuzuru Hanyu and Kaori Sakamoto, and has stuffed animals of Winnie the Pooh and Snoopy displayed in her room. Her favorite food is sushi. When she talked about her love for Akita dogs at the training camp before the PyeongChang Olympics, the Akita Dog Preservation Society gave her a female dog, which is a famous story. Her name is Masaru, meaning “victory. He loves her so much that he says his favorite way to spend his days off is to play with her all day.

Currently, Zagitova is taking a break from competition to recharge her batteries. Zagitova, who is currently taking a break from competition to recharge her batteries, will continue to delight her fans around the world with her attractive images.

  • photo Kyodo News

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