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Nozomi Sasaki Marks 7th Anniversary of Her Brand, Greeting Customers with Devotion at Pop-Up Store

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Nozomi Sasaki bows to customers waiting in line at her brand store.

On the first day of Golden Week, in the midsummer sun, a long line of people were waiting to enter a store in a corner of the fashion district in Daikanyama (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), known as a gathering place for fashionable celebrities.

Their destination was the four-day pop-up store of “iNtimite,” a brand born from the idea of “loungewear that can go outside as is,” and produced by Nozomi Sasaki (36). Sasaki took to SNS in advance,

《I will also be at the store! I will let you know as soon as I know the exact time I will be there.

As soon as I know when I will be there for sure, I will let you know.

On the first day of the event, there was a line outside the store waiting to get in to see Sasaki. Seeing this, Ms. Sasaki came outside the store and greeted those who could not get in, bowing to them. She changed outfits several times, and customers commented, “Nozomi-chan is a god,” and “She looks beautiful in everything she wears.

The prices of the items on the line were quite expensive (30,000 yen for a one-piece dress and 40,000 yen for a pair of sunglasses), but Sasaki’s spirit of service seemed to have attracted many customers to purchase the items.

Sasaki had been working in the apparel industry before entering the entertainment industry and had a dream to continue working in the fashion industry. To realize her dream, she launched an apparel brand “Cotton Cloud” in 2010 with the concept of pairing up with her dog, but the brand closed after two years.

That is why Sasaki’s passion for the current brand is so strong. She wears her own brand’s clothes in her daily life, such as picking up and dropping off her children and going shopping, and acts as a billboard on a regular basis,” says a fashion magazine editor.

The brand was launched in May 2005, around the same time as the marriage of her husband, Ken Watanabe (51) of Un-jash, and this year marks its 7th anniversary. It can be said that the brand is doing quite well for a celebrity brand. Patience” may be the key to continuing both her husband’s and her side business.

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He went out of his way to change his clothes and repeatedly appeared in front of customers
The smiles you see on the faces of customers standing in line
In front of the pop-up store (from her Instagram @nozomisasaki_official)
Aya Oomasa and Nozomi Sasaki (from her Instagram @nozomisasaki_official)

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