Nozomi Sasaki, who gave birth to her second child, is in no hurry to return to acting, even though she has been posting photos of her recent life on SNS. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Nozomi Sasaki, who gave birth to her second child, is in no hurry to return to acting, even though she has been posting photos of her recent life on SNS.

Is the "disappearance of regular TV shows" theory having no impact at all?

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March ’22, on location for “I won’t give my daughter to a youtuber! (TV Tokyo) on location. Sasaki was working hard because she was concerned that “the person who was cheated on must be fine.

More than half a year after announcing the birth of her second child in April of this year, the timing of Nozomi Sasaki’s (35) return to acting is attracting attention. Although she has been posting photos of her beauty on her Instagram every day, as of early November, she has not announced any major work schedule, such as dramas or movies. However, as of early November, she has not announced any major plans for TV dramas or movies, and there are several reasons why she seems to be in “no hurry” to resume her acting career.

Sasaki has recently been uploading sparkling photos of herself on Instagram, where she has more than 4.8 million followers, and has been inundated with comments praising her as “too cute. Many of the photos and videos show her modeling new clothes from her own brand “iNtimite.” Her outstanding style and beautiful glow are so striking that it is hard to believe that she is postpartum, and there are growing calls to see her act as soon as possible.

Sasaki married Ken Watanabe (51) of the comedy duo Un-jash in April ’17. She announced the birth of her first child, a son, in September 2006, and is now the mother of two children. On the surface, she appears to be leading a happy family life, but there have been reports of “crises” in her life. The most significant of these was in June 2008, when Watabe was reported to have had a “bathroom affair” with a woman and was forced to take a leave of absence.

Sasaki was shocked by her husband’s infidelity, and it is said that she even considered divorcing him for a while. However, she has a child and chose to support her family. On the work front, it was reported in some quarters that Sasaki was on the verge of losing her regular TV show.

This spring, her variety show “Tokoro JAPAN” (Fuji TV) was terminated, and her only regular TV program is “Suteki ni Handmade” (NHK E-television), an information program on handicrafts. Some believe that Sasaki is in a pinch between her personal life and her talent business, but she seems to be living her life at her own pace, focusing on child-rearing” (wide-show entertainment desk).

The reason why Sasaki does not seem to be in a hurry is that Watabe, who resumed his entertainment activities last February, is slowly making a “comeback” and is now able to earn enough money to support the family finances. On September 29 of this year, Watabe released his book, “The World’s Easiest-to-Understand Textbook of Communication,” which has become a hot topic as he has increased his work as an expert on conversational skills.

Watabe also has a popular YouTube gourmet show, “Watabe Location,” and has appeared on several online-distributed shows, including Netflix’s “Talk Survivor 2.” Compared to the rock-bottom period, her income is likely to be on the rise. Sasaki, who had been actively pursuing her acting career, perhaps to support the family finances during her husband’s absence, is now no longer in a hurry, as many observers believe. Moreover, Watanabe must be forever indebted to Sasaki because of the affair. He can have Watabe working at full speed while he himself can relax.

Another important factor is that “iNntimite” is developing well. In addition to releasing a series of new items, mainly clothing, she has also launched a wide range of products, including hand wash, glasses, and bags, and opened a pop-up store in Tokyo in early November.

In early November, she opened a pop-up store in Tokyo. In June 2009, “Josei Seven” reported that Sasaki had purchased a condominium worth approximately 400 million yen with a lump-sum cash payment, and she has also secured a mansion. In the same month, in the information program “Nonstop! information program “Non-Stop!” in the same month, she was asked what she needs most at the moment, to which she replied “work” and “money. The fact that she is in no hurry to return to work can be interpreted as meaning that her current situation is stable and she can afford it.

Nevertheless, there are many who are waiting to see Sasaki’s performance as a mother with more pheromones. This is because she has not been a full-fledged actress since last April’s drama series “Yangonaki Kazoku” (Fuji TV). The movie in which she appeared, “Red Shoes,” was released last December and finished filming in the summer of 2009.

Sasaki has a strong image as a purist, but in fact, she played a married woman with a sex addiction in the Hulu drama “Rain Falls, You’re Kind” in 2005, and she also performed an extreme wet scene in which she hugged a man naked, gaining recognition for her performance. Since she is willing to take on difficult roles, we can expect to see her give an impactful performance that will bring her out of her shell when she resumes her acting career.

Her husband is recovering well, her own brand is a success, she is highly popular on social networking sites, and her beauty is only increasing. It is safe to say that she is counting down the days until she can make a full-fledged comeback as an actress.

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On location for “Yangonaki Kazoku” (Fuji TV series) in June ’22. Waving to the crew after all is said and done.
On location at the location for “YouTubers Don’t Get Daughters! on location for “Yutuber ni Doko wa Yoranai! It was filmed on a riverside in extremely cold weather from early in the morning. The location shoot was later canceled due to snow.
In July ’19, a shot of the three of them together as if to deny the reports of their separation that were whispered at the time.
Shopping with Aya Ohmasa (32), both of them looking like they are in a different world there in a divine style in August ’14.
A two-shot with Fukada Kyoko (41) at the launch of a TV drama. Earlier, this magazine had spotted the two hugging at the launch.
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