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Ryoko Shinohara: The cost of her alleged infidelity

"What is the impact of the divorce from Masachika Ichimura and the meeting with a younger idol?

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Will Shinohara be able to use this turmoil as food for her acting career? ……

Actress Shinohara Ryoko (48), who is celebrating the 32nd anniversary of her debut, is said to be facing a major crisis for the second time in her entertainment career.

The first crisis occurred 26 years ago.

She had a big hit in July 1994 with “Koishisa to Kirinasa to Kokoro to (Love, Sadness, and Strength). In August of 1995, she graduated from the Tetsuya Komuro family. The impact of this decision was huge. From then on, Shinohara was not blessed with any more hit songs, and her career as a singer and actress continued to be half-hearted. In the 2000s, she almost stopped her singing career and found a way to become an actress.

She had a natural talent as an actress. Shinohara experienced a stage performance directed by Yukio Ninagawa, and later rose to stardom as an actress. She was blessed with hit dramas such as “Haken no Hinkaku” (NTV) and “Unfair” (Fuji), and became the “Queen of the ratings”.

Shinohara is now facing her second crisis. Shortly after announcing her divorce from her husband, actor Ichimura Masachika (72), the day after the opening of the Tokyo Olympics 2020, she was reported in the Shukan Bunshun for allegedly having an affair. Shinohara’s alleged affair partner was Gwang-soo (34), a member of the Korean male idol group “SUPERNOVA” (formerly known as Supernova). It was scooped that they were in a male-female relationship.

“It was even reported that the proof of their love was the matching anklet they wore on their left ankle, a testimony only they knew.

The second “Bunshun gun” was even more damaging for Shinohara. It seems that the two of them had been meeting secretly in March of last year in an apartment that Shinohara had rented as her work space.

It is only 10 minutes away from their home ……. She even risked a near miss with her two children and her husband, Ichimura, to meet them. If the article in Bunshun is correct, Shinohara was more in love with herself than as a wife and mother,” said a staff member of a commercial TV wide show.

However, Shinohara’s alleged infidelity was completely ignored by all the commercial TV stations, not only in their information programs, but also in the sports papers.

“However, this allegation of Shinohara’s infidelity was completely ignored by the sports papers as well as the information programs on commercial TV stations. In addition, Shinohara was currently appearing in commercials for Kao and other popular TV dramas.

At first, Shinohara’s alleged affair seemed to have ended without any damage. However, as time went on, TV stations and advertising agencies began to show a serious reaction.

“Shinohara’s side has simply remained silent and not taken any legal action. It’s not hard to understand the office’s policy of not daring to get on the same playing field, considering their image. …… The people at the station and the agency began to have a negative impression of his attitude,” said a major entertainment industry executive.

As a result, Shinohara’s name has recently stopped being mentioned in casting meetings for dramas and commercials.

As a result, Shinohara’s name has not been mentioned in casting meetings for dramas and commercials. “This is at the stage of informal casting meetings before we approach her agency. I’ve heard that even if her name is mentioned in casting for dramas and commercials for the new year, the final decision is to wait and see. We even hear that Nittele has passed on the sequel to the drama “Haken no Dignity” that was being considered for next April.

I am also told that Fuji TV has also postponed the special drama Unfair, which was envisioned for the new year as a special drama, to its lineup for the second half of 2022. Because of her dignified image, it has become difficult to appoint her unless the series of allegations of infidelity are firmly put to rest.

This is due to the fact that viewers, especially housewives, are very critical of reports of alleged infidelity.

“In addition, Shinohara has given custody of her two children to Ichimura. In addition, Shinohara has given up custody of her two children to Ichimura, who is two years older than her. I’m sure this issue will continue to smolder in the future.

How will Shinohara get over this difficult situation?

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