Maika Yamamoto’s “impressive abs” are clearly visible even in her casual clothes! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Maika Yamamoto’s “impressive abs” are clearly visible even in her casual clothes!

Off-camera shot of the talented young actress.

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Controversial Drama “Solomon’s Perjury” Starts in October

On Omotesando in late August, a beautiful woman in a white tank top and sweatshirt sashayed out of a car. She is actress Maika Yamamoto, 23. She must have been training hard every day. Her “beautiful neckline” was peeking out from between her clothes. Yamamoto got out of the driver’s seat and went to a cell phone store with her manager.

Yamamoto visited the cell phone store in her casual clothes, which drew attention to her beautiful neckline. She listened intently to the staff’s explanation.

Yamamoto has appeared in a number of high-profile films this year, including “Kotaro wa Hitotsuru” (TV Asahi), and is scheduled to appear in the drama “Solomon’s Perjury” (WOWOW) starting in October. She was damaged by the hit-and-run accident involving Kentaro Ito (24), who was reported to have broken up with her in July of this year, but she is trying to renew her image as she celebrates the 10th anniversary of her debut this year.

He said, “At the time, the bashing of Mr. Ito spilled over to Mr. Yamamoto, and he even lost his commercial. In order to curb the damage to her image, Ms. Yamamoto is now saving her tough-talking, savvy girl character for variety shows. In order to focus on her acting career, she often goes to action training. She is also actively involved in modeling and has taken up kickboxing to keep in shape,” says a production company insider.

We can’t take our eyes off her as she continues to shine!

Unpublished cut of Maika Yamamoto showing off her stunning “beautiful neckline
The unpublished cut of Maika Yamamoto’s stunning “beautiful neckline

From the October 8, 2021 issue of FRIDAY

  • PHOTO Yuri Adachi

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