Why a man married for 17 years got into “COVID-19 crisis affair with a woman of the same age | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Why a man married for 17 years got into “COVID-19 crisis affair with a woman of the same age

Sanae Kameyama Report: "There is a Reason for Adultery

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<I got tired of the relationship. This was the statement of Akari Katagiri, 35, a teacher at Obihiro Agricultural High School, who was arrested on June 22 and questioned by the Hokkaidou Police. Katagiri was arrested for allegedly strangling his former colleague Asako Miyata, 47, to death. The Katagiri suspect and Ms. Miyata were reportedly having a “bogus affair. However, this incident is not a “fire on the other side of the river.

It is said that in many parts of Japan, the adulterous relationships “nurtured” by the COVID-19 crisis are now at a crossroads. Writer Sanae Kameyama, who has been reporting on relationships between men and women for many years, introduces a firsthand account of “adult love” that she has witnessed.

Is there a difference between “love” and “marriage”? What’s wrong with being involved with someone you fall in love with… A man who nurtured his love while working remotely at COVID-19 crisis is at a crossroads in his “once in a lifetime” life.

Married but never “in love”.

Many men seem to think that marriage is about “responsibility” and love is about “affection and satisfaction. So even if they meet someone they really love after marriage, they cannot divorce easily.

I was 30 I married a man I met through a relative when I was 30 years old. My wife, who is two years younger than me, is a very nice person, and I thought that if I made a family with her, it would be peaceful and comfortable. In fact, the family is just like that. My wife also works, so we have cooperated with each other, and our two children, ‘The My wife’s policy has been to raise our two children in a way that ‘life force is more important than study. My wife’s policy is to raise our two children in a way that My oldest daughter, who is 14 years old, is now in junior high school. My oldest daughter, who is 14 years old, is now in junior high school playing basketball. My 11-year-old son is on the local soccer team. My 11-year-old son is on the local soccer team and is covered in mud.

Takao (46 years old, pseudonym) is the foundation of his life. His family is the foundation of his life. Three years ago, however, he fell in “love. For the first time in his life, he found himself unable to stand still when thinking about his partner’s feelings, and wishing he could disappear if he couldn’t spend time with her.

Love is painful. I can’t prove how much I love the other person, and I don’t know how she feels about me. Even if I think I like her as much as she likes me, I don’t know how much she ‘likes’ me. I like and my like’ of her and my ‘like’ of her may be different in concentration and direction. may differ in density and direction. For the first time at my age, I have experienced liking someone intensely, and the range of my emotions has become much wider.

The fact that you have no choice but to rush forward, driven by the feeling of love, is the same for both people in their 20s and 40s. Age has nothing to do with the passion to fall in love with someone.

Thanks to the COVID-19 crisis, “it was easy to meet.”

The woman Takao fell in love with was Mie, who was the same age as him. She has a family and a son in high school. Still, she was caught up in the same whirlwind of love.

About six months after their love affair began, the COVID-19 crisis set in, and the two began coming to work irregularly, but since their places of work were not far apart, they went to work together.

For a while we stopped coming to work, but a hotel near the company was renting rooms for remote work. I told my family that she and I would both work there, so we took two rooms and actually stayed together. Even after I started coming to work occasionally, I didn’t spend much time at the office. It was only for meetings and face-to-face meetings. So I was usually at the hotel in the afternoon. It was rather easy to see the COVID-19 crisis.

Now they both come to work as usual. Mr. Takao sometimes goes out on weekends to “deal with the work stoppage caused by the COVID-19 crisis,” but of course it is to see Mie. Of course, he goes out on weekends to see Mie.

At first, we used to see each other every three days, but now we see each other once a week. “At first, I saw her every three days, but now I see her once a week. But she is also a housewife, and I think it’s hard for her to make time for her husband. Apparently, her husband is not that supportive of her housework. Still, she says she wants to see me. I miss her too.

What’s wrong with that?

He might find out someday. He says he thinks he has a sense of urgency about that. I don’t know what will happen if they find out. There is a possibility that he will be divorced. Even so, leaving her is not an option at this point.

A friend of mine from school died suddenly last year. I keenly felt that I only have one life. What’s wrong with being fully involved, body and soul, with the person you love that you’ve just met? …… I am not a fan of the “I’ll never be able to get a job. That’s what I honestly believe.

If this resolve is genuine, no one can blame him.

  • Interview and text Sanae Kameyama

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